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What in the holy hell happened this week?  We were on such a role with the Peaches &  then they threw this mess at us.  Porsha summed it up near the end of the episode very well “It’s starting to get messy here” Amen Porsha.  It is but not in the way you mean.

While I have noted that there were a couple of weak episodes, the last couple of weeks have been on an upwards trajectory.  We had drama, we had glam and we were entertained.

I barely paid attention last night and I was fixed solely on the TV to watch the show.  For lack of a better description, last night’s episode was noisy.  I can sum it up in a few bullet points

  • The ladies fly to Barcelona
  • The ladies ride a shuttle in Barcelona
  • The ladies lunch in a hotel in Barcelona
  • The ladies stop a famous historical site (I need to yell about this in a minute)
  • The ladies arrive at the villa and fight over rooms
  • The ladies have dinner in their pjamas.


And scene.

No, seriously, that is what happened in the show last night.  On some level these trips are becoming predictable.  There is the gratuitous packing scenes (last week), and there is the arriving at the airport.  We may get some in flight footage if someone pulls out a phone but we always get a shuttle scene and now it is becoming all to familiar to fight over the rooms.

Oh. My God.  This portion of the show lasted what felt like hours but was about 10 minutes which is still a lot of dedicated footage for an hour show.  You think the ladies would learn to assign rooms to avoid conflict however the producers will never allow this.  So the drama that swirled around is that Kandi took the best room.  It was the penthouse complete with a balcony and a sitting area.  This was much to the disappointment of Nene.  She was so dismayed that she tried to have a sit down with the ladies to convince Kandi to give up the room citing that both her and Cynthia are the eldest members of the clan (Like that was ever going to work).   This had to go on & on.  I have a feeling there wasn’t a lot that happened on this trip so they really fought hard to fill screen time.

I do think that Kandi finds it hilarious that she scored the top suite. If I were Kandi, I would take great pleasure in making Nene squirm in something that is sub par.  I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t just let the hosts take that room but as soon as I wrote that sentence, I also stopped caring.  Which is just as well, because as Nene was petitioning the ladies for a better sleeping arrangement, Sheree and Porsha found their quiet moment to give Kim a call and tell on Nene.

You see, I just jumped ahead.  As soon as the ladies jumped on their shuttle, did they finally wonder where Kenya and Kim were (yes, this question wasn’t brought up in the hours before during their travel).  This gave Nene the platform she needed to call out Kim Z.  She was very upset Miss Zolziak wouldn’t travel somewhere without Kroy.  Once she was done complaining about that, she moved on to questioning many of Kim’s past ailments and the authenticity of them.  She pointed out Kim has claimed she has had cancer, heart problems and has had a stroke to name a few.  She basically said that Kim is the Wig that cried Sick.  The rest of the ladies were just throwing looks at one another, wondering where this tirade was going.

At the end of the day, Nene is showing off her bark. Her bite has yet to be determined because every time she is confronted, she doesn’t answer, or show up so we have no idea what kind of fight she has. I also don’t believe she would ever stand up to Kim face to face as she is probably, like most of us, afraid of her.

So naturally, after Nene finishes her speech, Kim’s new besties run to the phone the first chance they got.  Kim, of course, freaks out.  Calls Nene a liar  and wondering, why would she lie about things like that.  She reminds us of the cockroaches in Nene’s bathroom and that she has footage to prove it.

The pot has officially been stirred and it was time for dinner.

Cynthia arranged for dinner on the terrace as it was a long day of travel.  She figured it was a great idea to have a nice dinner and get a good night’s sleep.  Not too long into the dinner was Marlo pointing out that Kandi had a dry personality or as you and I would say: a boring personality.  She really had no point to all of this other then she was probably drinking.  She pointed out that she herself could be quite blunt so will someone give the woman a peach already.  She is practically begging to be on the show.

Someone who is not begging or really showing a good reason to be there at all is Shamea.  She, as well as newbie, Eva is on the trip.  They had words earlier in the day when Shamea was wondering what happened to Eva’s romantic relationship with Missy Elliot.  Eva vehemently denies this so much so that the new story is that Eva is homophobic. I don’t think she is necessarily homophobic rather then wondering why someone she doesn’t know is asking her this out of the blue.

Anyways, that little side drama was settled on the spot.  So dinner was rather drama free.  That is of course, until Kim drops a group text while the ladies ate.  The timing couldn’t be more perfect.  So much that one wonders if a producer notified Kim when to text.  Anyways, the jist of the text was calling out Nene for her false claims and outed her infestation complete with video.  Yes, the woman has receipts.  Event Porsha was gobsmacked. It was here, she feels things were getting messy.

I need to ask: It is only now you think it is messy?  only now?  I mean really?

So like I said in a nutshell that is all that happened and I think the reason I found it not gripping was because we have heard this before. I have heard Nene rant before and I have heard Nene rant about Kim before.  It is just that now it is going international.

So I mentioned that they hit up a historical site.   I absolutely love Spain.  It encapsulates all the things that Europe should contain.  There are old monuments, there are towns that do not speak English, they take mid day siesta and people sit out in patios drinking wine in to the late hours of the evening.  Since I was 9 I had always wanted to visit the country.  When I was in design school, the urge doubled down when I learned about the Architect Gaudi and his creations in Barcelona.  Everything was how I had hoped it would be when I finally got to visit.  So when they show the ladies pulling up to the Sagrada Famillia and being turned away because it was ‘closed’ it was all to disappointing. I’m sorry, they did not do the visit justice and I may be the only one up in arms but to go all the way to Spain to have lunch at a hotel and dinner in your villa is pretty ……..lame.  Why go somewhere & not sight see?  (next week they boot around town but they don’t take things in).   It is really disappointing.  I can only think that the church was closed because it was

1: Monday & Mondays are closed (guessing, don’t actually know)
2: It was during siesta hours (places of business are closed between 1-4. However, I do think the tourist spot is open all afternoon but perhaps closes early at 4 and they arrived after).
3: They wouldn’t let the group in with the cameras. (the place is packed much like the vatican and you can’t exactly clear it out for a small group).

Anyways… I could go on.  That was probably not the last of my dismay but I wholeheartedly feel that they are not giving Barcelona the justice it deserves.

This show in a nutshell was the ladies talking over one another and rolling their eyes.  You could have started a drinking game taking a shot every time someone said “Girl… bye”.  You would have been hammered.

Next week, the ladies are in 2 man vehicles riding around town so I hope they give the city a better shot. So until then, find me on Twitter!



Last but not forgotten

I mentioned there was  lunch at a hotel which was scheduled because they couldn’t quite check into the villa.  So they arrived, took photos (eva pulled out her modeling moves) and then Shamea threw shade at her.  You could have gone to the bathroom during the part & not have missed anything.

I’m not forgetting when the ladies started discussing Will (again).  Eva apologizes for making Cynthia uncomfortable.  They all are really wanting to know if he has a girlfriend but does everyone forget that Eva had met him months prior?  Can’t people date, break up & move on?  I do think he is skeevy but I don’t think this is the reason.



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