Real Housewives of Atlanta: Peaches Be Trippin’

So after being gone for a week in lieu of  Super Bowl, we pick right back up where we left off: In the shambles of Cynthia’s ‘relationship’.

I quoted that because if you were in front of me, I would have used air quotes and that is because there is something that just isn’t sitting right with me about their relationship and it is for different reasons then the Ladies.  My issue with their relationship is that since their first date, they have broadcast their relationship and no man with common sense would film their private life for consumption unless they were in on the joke…. and the joke is you. Except in this scenario, Will takes himself very seriously and doesn’t want to be fodder for the show.  He wants to be revered but true to Bravo form, the producers will not allow that.   Enter Eva.  She calls him out for something he did long before he met Cynthia which was be out with another woman.

So the drama in question is whether or not he has a girlfriend.  He could have just shrugged off the moment and said that was long before I met you. However, he didn’t.  He got pissed and pouted.  His comment to Cynthia in the car ride home was “I have been putting in the time to learn how to be with you, and this is what I get”.

(my theory is that he does have a girlfriend but agreed to film the show for whatever publicity he is getting but is now being drug through the mud and he can’t control that image).

I’m sorry but what a dick thing to say.  Someone who is sincere or has good intentions doesn’t react like that and Cynthia should run based on that…. and she does or rather she states she is taking a beat.  Truth is she has her scheduled girls trip but we will come back to that.

Something else that isn’t sitting well with me is Cynthia’s reaction.  She kept re iterating that she knew they weren’t exclusive however, she doesn’t want him to have a girlfriend.  I don’t know how to unpack that statement.  She isn’t bothered if he is with random women but has a problem if he cares for another woman?  Bottom line is that she finally found a handsome man and she had the screaming thigh sweats and now is feeling not only foolish but defeated, old and desperate.

This is not how she planned to spend the year of Cynthia.

Needless to say, she had a sit down dinner with Nene.  Nene was pissed that Kenya stole her moment at the party to inform Cynthia about Will’s ‘girlfriend’.   She stated that she never intended to bring Eva to the party to drop this bomb and that was a total coincidence.  One thing I know about Nene is that she lives for these moments so for her to say she was surprised is doubtful.  She wonders what it is about Will that Cynthia loves so much and Cynthia reveals that she appreciates that he is hot and I think that this may have been the last time we see Will.

During their meeting Cynthia convinces Nene to co-host a trip to Barcelona.  You see, this city has been on Cynthia’s bucket list for quite some time and decided that now is the time to go. However, for some reason, she can’t do this on her own. (seriously, why not?  or did the producers feel that you were too boring to do it alone?).

Cynthia divulges that she is doing this on a budget and found some great places on AirBnB and Nene blinked twice at her and vetoed that.  She said she doesn’t find places on ABC and only goes 5 star.  Basically, we are setting up future drama early on.  It was decided that EVERYONE is welcome including new girl Eva.

Is it me or is this season weird?  Not only do we get a lot of Marlo but we also have Shamea, Kim and new girl Eva.  I have not seen such a large supporting cast in any other franchise.

Perhaps production has taken notes from Saturday Night Live.  On SNL, they have their starring players but when they are trying out a potential cast member, they are announced as ‘featuring’.  This feels much of the same way.  Kenya is clearly on the way out and in fact doesn’t join the ladies on the trip mainly due to her new marriage.  She tries to front that the last 2 trips she was on ended poorly which could be true but San Fransisco went poorly AFTER she left and she was there for a day in Houston so not only would I say that is BS but she has been barely out of town.

Fact is, she is trying to have kids and in order to do so, you need to be in the same place.  However, I don’t know who she is trying to fool.  She is 46.  She is not going to have children the old fashioned way.  I do think that Kenya was crazy enough to freeze her eggs long ago and now it is a matter of putting science to the test.  So as much as she needs Marc, she really doesn’t need him all that much.  It is just medications and petrie dishes in her future.  This episode shows her visiting the doctor because she has a missed period.  Someone on twitter pointed out that at 46, she could be facing early menopause.

Ugh.. I hope for her sake that isn’t the case.  I’m a hop skip away from that and I truly don’t want to think about it.

One thing I skipped over was that Cynthia met with Peter for lunch.  It was briefly noted that he too was at the party for Kandi and Cynthia felt super awkward seeing her ex for the first time with a man on her arm. If this was a sincere relationship, I could see her point but as more time passes, the more I don’t believe in Will/Cynthia.   She was wondering why Peter avoided her and wouldn’t come over to say hello.

Has this woman never broken up with anyone before?  Why would he come over to say anything? Their marriage was 10 years long and they ended it because Peter was having an affair.  Her shattered ego isn’t processing anything that is going on between the two of them and I think what she really wants is for Peter to see what he lost out on.  The more the 2 of them talk, the more I get a brother/sister vibe.

The only real thing that ties them together is business.  While they never had any children together, they did invest in business and so it keeps one another in each other’s lives.

I often watch the show and don’t analyze it too much.. I take notes so as I can recap later and not forget anything (please note, I have not forgotten about Porsha)  but I do note how I feel about what I watch and in this episode that I noticed that I don’t care about Cynthia or rather she is annoying me but I never dove into why.  Writing this post, I am seeing what is bothering me.  While she is beautiful and I could look at her, I find her very weak.  She needs Nene to co host a trip, she needs Will to like her more then she likes him and she needs Peter for business and is in a sense seeking approval from him about her new life.  She literally has no back bone. I have heard rumblings about this fact for years but I truly am seeing this for the first time.  She never has any overly emotional reactions nor does she ever really take a side on anything. She is meh and that is how I feel.

Porsha on the other hand incites rage or at least that is how she usually makes me feel. She really started to endear herself to me in this episode.


No, seriously.  I found her polite, cute and enjoyable.  If you are asking if I was drunk, I was not! we ran out of wine & I was too lazy to go to the store.

We ended the last episode with Mama Joyce asking to have a sit down with Porsha and this could go 2 ways.  Either Mama Joyce would tear a new one out of Porsha or she would have a come to Jesus moment and talk sense into the girl.  What happened, floored everyone.  Rather, she sympathized with Porsha and threw massive SHADE at Todd. Why we are shocked by that, I am not sure. She made it known from the beginning she wasn’t into Todd.   She told us that she had a sit down with Phaedra where she balled her out for introducing Todd to Kandi in the first place. That he was just a worker and that Kandi had to make lemonade out of lemons… Damn.

She never saw Todd as Kandi’s equal and I get that but seeing as how her ex was and is with Riley, I think one reason she loves Todd is that he is humble and works hard and you can’t earn that. You either have it or you don’t.

However, the one thing that happened that made me look at Porsha in a different way was that Mama Joyce asked Porsha “did you really believe that Kandi would have drugged you?”

Porsha answers by stating that not only was Pheadra, a reputable lawyer, a good friend of hers but that the lie was so outlandish that there was no way that someone would say it unless it was true.

That statement made me pause because I never thought of it from that point of view.  She further states that whenever she questioned Phaedra about the accusation, Phaedra would double down and not leave any room for doubt.

Mama Joyce ended the conversation giving advice to Porsha on how to get back into the good graces of Kandi and I’m sure at some point Mama Joyce will have a conversation with Kandi about this very meeting.

We end the show with Porsha throwing a dinner party for some of the ladies.  She invited everyone but Kenya, Kandi and Nene declined to show up.  She literally pouts in a confessional that she wants everyone to like her and again, I found her endearing. (gah.. i am now looking through all of my cupboards for any alcohol).

Despite missing the three divas, Porsha has managed to cobble together what could be thought of as motely crue of friends: Marlo, Kim Z (and her red solo cup), Sheree, Shamea, and Cynthia.  Lauren was there but in what looked like a Butler capacity. We only got a glimpse of her when she answered the door for Cynthia.

I hope that when the ladies jaunt off to Barelona, that Lauren throws one rager of a party.

While the dinner party resembled the island of misfit toys, I didn’t feel it was lacking.  I didn’t miss Nene rolling her eyes, Kenya telling us she was married or Kandi doing absolutely nothing.  If it were up to me, I would be taking notes for next year.  While Nene wouldn’t go down without a fight, not having Kenya or Kandi wouldn’t be a bad thing.  As I write this, I am realizing I forgot that a news article came out that Kenya was fired.

No one is shocked by this.

Anyways, the dinner party started off with cocktail hour which was really just the ladies doing shooters.  So when Cynthia arrived late to the party, they were hammered which was fine for me as Marlo was hilarious.  Cynthia wondered if they were just talking about her before she entered the party and they were but in not the way she thought.  Sheree and Kim had no idea what happened and were trying to get caught up.  Kim feels they should all leave Cynthia alone and let her do her thing.

Again, this is like the upside world because I find myself agreeing with Kim.

On a side note, Kim posted last week a photo of her without her wig & make up and can we all agree she looks much better & younger without all the make up?

The ladies head into their vegetarian dinner and no one can figure out why Porsha has draped white curtains all around.  She was going for Bohemian but it came off a bit like a wedding tent.

Cynthia took the opportunity to invite the ladies to Barcelona and Kim wondered if she could bring Kroy.  Half of them, looked at her like she was nuts and others, like Sheree, get why she wants to bring him around.  Kim contends that since her stroke 2 years ago, flying as far as Barcelona makes her nervous and she wants him there as an aid. Sheree says she gets why Kim has him there as he does everything for her.  I’m starting to think of Kroy as less of a husband and more as a Nurse.   Marlo challenges Kim to come on the trip with the other black woman.  I don’t know if Marlo was just trying to stir the pot with that comment but it fell flat and big surprise!!! As the ladies were traveling to the airport, they learn Kim would not join them on the trip.

For some reason they were surprised Kenya wasn’t going either but we all knew better.  I would care more that Kenya was staying home if she planned a face to face with Kim.  That, I would want to see but if she is going to walk around her empty home crying that Marc isn’t there one more time, I will change the channel.

However, there was one thing that happened on the show that I never knew I wanted to see.  Before the ladies were making their way to the airport, we get the gratuitous scenes of the ladies packing. Specifically, we get a glimpse of Nene’s closet and Gregg crept in with some wine to toast the trip.  In effort to open the bottle, he spills a bunch all over her white closet.  Nene freaks and runs for a towel all the while screaming not to get the wine on anything.  Docile Gregg then picks up her white shag pillow and wipes it all over his shirt and shrugs his shoulders.  You know that once she sees that clip, he is back in the guest house.

Anyways, the bulk of the ladies head to Barcelona and Eva comes back to our screens.  It looks like next week will be the battle of the models as Cynthia confronts Eva.

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