Real Housewives of Atlanta: Petty Party

Sundays are slowly becoming my favourite day of the week for reality TV. Between the housewives and 90 day fiance, I am sitting on my couch yelling and laughing hysterically at the TV.  I am not blogging 90 day fiance mainly because I need one show that I watch just for shits & giggles.  When I first started 90 day, I could NOT believe how dumb some people were and doubted I would continue. However, despite this show being a streaming train wreck, I can’t keep my eyes away.  If I skip a week or half a show, I’m don’t really miss it so I will just keep 90 days to observations on Twitter.

Atlanta on the other hand gives me so much. My first question I have though is: Is Kim Z officially back now?  or is she back like Danielle is in New Jersey and is just there to stir up shit?  At least in Atlanta, this tactic is working.  Of course, Kim is on other reality shows so she knows how to perform for reality television where as I am under the impression that Danielle is highly medicated and that is why she not as sharp as she once was (This assumption is based solely on an opinion and is not fact).

So we pick up the show where we left off last week and that is Kim lunging for Kenya.  People are holding Kim back and Kenya just saunters off.  If we all recall, Kim was gunning for Kenya the moment she arrived and continued to pick at her.  We have no way of knowing if Kenya had her own quips back at Kim as that is not how the show is edited but it appeared like Kim came to the party trying to get a reaction out of Kenya.  So when Kenya mentions that Kim maybe shouldn’t pimp out her daughter, Kim took exception to that.

Of course, we all know that Kim tweeted Chrissy T asking who does Brielle have to blow to get John Legend tix?  For some reason Chrissy found this charming and not only did they get tix but had some group photos to memorex this touching family moment.


Kim is losing her mind and is escorted outside where Kroy is literally waiting on stand by.  I may find this weirder then Kim tweeting tacky comments.  I expect her to say stupid things but I don’t expect Kroy to be such a loser that he had nothing better to do then sit in a drive way.  I guess he knew she went to blow shit up so waited for the bomb to drop.

For some reason we are back watching Porsha pick out wigs trying to convince us that she does not want to go to Nene’s party.  Except the more she says she doesn’t want to be there, the more I am convinced that she is dying to be invited.  Just when I was about to fast forward this scene, the doorbell rings and standing there is Sheree, Kim and Kroy (by the way, he doesn’t talk and just sits there and smiles.  I am now wondering if Kim drugs him).

Kim is playing victim and is claiming how hurt she is by what Kenya said so she needed to stop in somewhere to have a drink(s).  While most people are made up of 60% water, I’m starting to believe that Kim is made up of 40% alcohol.  She is trying to tell her side of the story but is having a fit & swearing up a storm (naturally).  She claims that what she tweets is none of Kenya’s business.  Um, ok.. .what?

No, private emails are none of Kenya’s business.  Tweets that are public and part of ‘social media’ are for the whole world to read.  Have another cocktail and be quiet.

Porsha is eating up all of the gossip and feeling she is on the right side for not attending the party.  Back at Nene’s they are all debriefing the drama that just unfolded and it is agreed.  It may have been a low move for Kenya to bring up Kim’s kids, buuuuuuuuuuut Kim did write that tweet and everyone knows that is what Kenya was referring to.  However, rather then shut up, Kenya keeps talking and digs herself into a hole by suggesting Kim had re assignment surgery.  I would watch that scene again just for Nene’s expressions.

The next day Sheree visits Kandi to invite her to San Fransisco as Kandi missed the party because she was shooting the cover for Essence magazine.

Cynthia spent some time with her daughter and we see her wear a red bob in her confessional which is a much hotter look then her Farrah Fawcet wig.  She told her daughter about the man she was dating and her daughter confided a little to her about her own lover life.

Meanwhile, Nene is with Greg and we learn that is doing well and with that Nene informs him that he is off to San Fransisco. (like he ever had an opinion).

We are back at Kenya’s house and just before I thought this was another Miss Havisham scene of her crying about her ‘husband’ we learn that her Grandmother died and is very sad. Cynthia pays her a visit to check on her and to show us how close these 2 have become.

Back at Nene’s, Marlo pays a visit and they decide to hang out in Nene’s closet which I love.  She organizes her clothes by colour and I notice that she has a lot of black in her wardrobe!

I can’t organize that way.  I organize my clothes by type and in a specific order.  It helps me pick things out by what I’m feeling like wearing.  Go here for pants, here for a sweater or here for a dress.. and then it depends if is casual, fancy etc.. Really, my closet only makes sense to me, and if it was any other way, I would probably have anxiety.

ANYWAYS, this scene was to show us that Nene wants to invite Marlo along on the trip.  She is very excited they are friends again.  Marlo, however, isn’t the right flavour of friend for all of the ladies, so Nene would rather surprise them then tell them in advance Marlo is coming.  I think she just wants reinforcement for when she faces off with Porsha.  Nene is the type of person that needs an entourage to agree with her and I think she may be on the losing side of this argument.  I will never be team Porsha so I automatically am on Nene’s side but she may have crossed the line this time…. will have to see.

They spent some time talking about Porsha and they spent some time talking about Kenya & Cynthia.  Nene is claiming she is not jealous that Cynthia is spending as much time with Kenya as she is. As soon as someone unprompted makes of point of saying something doesn’t bother them it usually means it is on their mind.  When things are fine, you generally let things lie.  So I call busllshit on Nene.  She needs Marlo there. Nene isn’t strong enough to face things on her own.

So all of the ladies start to arrive at the airport.  Sheree was first, then Porsha, then Kandi and finally Cynthia.  Porsha is trying so hard to be nice to Kandi but Kandi is having none of it.  Porsha knows she will need to grovel for years before Kandi will tolerate her again, so she doesn’t push it.  As the ladies talk, we learn that Kim is not coming to San Fransisco (so not back on the show), and no one knows where Nene or Kenya are.

We skip the airport & home movies of them on the plane and show up on the other side in San Fransisco and see that Nene and Kenya made the trip.

Sheree tells us in the confessional that she thinks that she can be a friend whisperer but I think we all know better.  There is no way that Nene and Porsha will ever be friends again. There is real hate there.

Sheree reveals she has a life coach which Nene all but laughed at to her face.  So naturally, the ladies start to talk about sex and when the last time they had it was.  Porsha said it had been 5 months for her and all of the ladies fell dead silent. Everyone including me, think she is lying.  They turn their attention to Sheree who divulges she hasn’t had sex in about a year.  Nene declares that Sheree is in love.  So while the ladies wonder how is it she is in love but is not intimate, Sheree opens up and reveals that she is in love with someone in prison.

Ok… stop.

I don’t know this man and I don’t recall him from seasons past but I really think we can do better then an incarcerated man.  She claims they are having really good conversations and that he gets her.  Yea, I know Sheree!  He has literally nothing better to do then to talk to you. You may have known him prior to his leaving but raise the bar an inch off the ground.  I mean come on.  As well, what is with this franchise and falling in love with guys in prison.  As soon as I was writing that sentence I started to think about New Jersey. Can no one get rich without doing something illegal?

Anyways, we arrive at the hotel and after unpacking, Nene pays a visit to Marlo’s room.  Marlo was already in California for something else and decided to meet up with the group.  Nene admits in the confessional that she has Marlo there to have her back.  (I love it when I’m right!).  Nene tries to talk Marlo out of some ridiculous bunny ears (seriously, why?), then leaves to meet the rest of the ladies for dinner.

The ladies are beautiful and are sitting on a patio in what looks like a roof top restaurant.  After the ladies sit, down, Nene saunters in with Marlo (who is wearing what looks like a silk robe) much to the surprise of everyone. After a quick toast, Sheree decides to dig right in. Sheree declares there is an elephant in the room which is that Porsha was not invited to her party.

Last time I checked, Nene could invite whomever she wanted to her house and I don’t really see why she has to justify her guest list.  I think it is way more awkward that Kandi has to film with Porsha and I don’t understand why Sheree is on Porsha’s side.

Nene starts off the battle of the minds by informing the table the last time she spoke to Porsha, Porsha said the door was closed on their friendship. So as far as Nene is concerned, there is nothing to discuss.  Porsha backs up her earlier statement and tries to explain she said that out of defense when the dumbest fight breaks out.  They sound like they are reenacting ‘who’s on first’.  They are literally quibbling back and forth repeating one another’s last word.

I honestly have been writing and re writing their argument over & over again because they were fighting in circles and not clarifying anything.

To my best knowledge, Porsha is wondering if Nene is upset about something she said on her radio show (yes) but she had said those things because of what Nene said on ‘WWHL’.

Nene is pretty much upset that Porsha is still on the show while Phaedra is not.  She thinks she is some low class BS and had called for her to be off the series. Porsha then drops “we all need to be responsible for our actions’ and Kandi choked on her drink.

Porsha thinks that Nene is taking food out of her mouth by calling for her to be off the show.  Nene points out that it is Phaedra that is out.  She further calls Porsha out by reminding us all that she was once kicked off the show for fighting with Kenya during a reunion.  It was because Nene stood by her that she managed to stay on the series.

During this fight, Marlo gently creeps up behind Nene to repair her bun that has wiggled loose.

I could totally see me doing that for a friend.

The ladies continue to scream at one another at the top of their voices.  The table didn’t look as much awkward as they looked bored.   They have heard this, been there and had done that.  I don’t think anyone wanted Porsha there and they are just biding their time.  Finally Nene screams “roll your tape back” over and over again.  That’s great but I doubt Porsha recalls what she said 5 minutes ago never mind what she said several months back.  We are privy to clip of Porsha talking about Nene but she has no memory. I would venture to guess that she is watching this episode and still doesn’t have an idea.

Marlo then positions herself between Porsha and Nene.  Kenya decides to interrupt by pointing out that Nene had Porsha’s back once upon a time.  This only fires Nene up more.

Nene’s bun is now completely fallen out to the chagrin of Marlo and is screaming at the top of her lungs. Porsha realizes she is getting under Nene’s skin and starts to stoke the fire even more.  She thinks for some reason that she is calling Nene on her shit but I fail to see her do so.  Nene was simply asked for her opinion on who she thought should be fired.   Because of what Porsha and Phaedra said about Kandi, she thought they should be canned.

After 20 minutes of yelling and being coy about it, she finally says this directly to Porsha’s face which brought on the cursing and we close out the show with Porsha and Nene yelling ‘F U” back and forth.

So while we haven’t even ordered appetizers yet, we are left with another ‘to be continued…’  I’m starting to hate the way they end these episodes.  This is the third time they have built up an ending which I am willing to believe has nothing much in the way of a conclusion.  (My guess is that one of them will leave dinner and we won’t see them eat).  I hope that Porsha just goes back to Atlanta so we can enjoy this trip in California.

Til Next week!!!


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