Real Housewives of Atlanta: Rock the Boat

oooohhhhh…. I skipped last Wednesday’s episode in Jersey. I’m sorry.  This time of year is proving to be a bit of a challenge with all that is going on during the holidays.  I have an event almost every night leading up to Christmas and it is hard to find time to blog. annnnnnnd… gasp!  I’m out tomorrow night too which means I will miss the live airing of RHOBH.

The real thing is, Atlanta is boring me.   I had stopped watching Atlanta a few seasons ago,  and then I missed the most epic season so I came back around to only feel sure about my previous decision.  I’m excited for Beverly Hills and I will always watch Jersey but if I have to watch Porsha think she is better then a date one more time, I will impale myself.

This week, we didn’t get scenes with Nene.  I saw that twitter was all a rage because of that.  I don’t know if that bothered me that much.  I do like Nene but what is her story line?  It’s as though she came back with the purpose to get Porsha fired. So beyond stirring shit up, she isn’t giving us anything.

So I turned on the show this morning and told myself that I would have it on in the background and sit down shortly to watch the show. Except, I never gave the show my entire attention through the whole episode.

The highlights of the show include Sheree talking to her children, Cynthia introducing her new suitor to Kandi & Todd and of course, Porsha using a matchmaking service.  The rest is meh. So let’s review!!

We start the show with Sheree looking for doors for her house with Porsha.. seriously…. boring.  The most exciting thing to see was Sheree’s wig.  That was some serious hair.

Then we head to Cynthia’s house where Kandi & Kenya are visiting.  They review Kenya’s funeral and this was bittersweet.  This was very sad to watch.  However, we are cutting back between the 2 groups which is annoying to watch because they are trying to stir up drama and foreshadowing.  The bottom line is that Cynthia confronted Kenya about not only not having met Mark but didn’t know she got married.  Kenya is still being very hesitant.  Look, it is obvious that he does NOT want to be on the show or referenced on the show.  THEN we find out that there are rumors that Sheree is married. This is only becuase she is visiting her boo in prison and is wearing a shirt that says ‘wifey’.

Ok, how old are we?  I feel like my 18 year old neice is more mature then this.  Later in the show we find out that they were dating before his incarceration and the reason he stopped phoning was because the feds had started sniffing around and he didn’t want to entangle her in his mess.  What killed me is she says this fondly.  This woman is so f’d up about men that she thinks this is chivalrous vs he is a dirtbag. Oh Sheree, I just want to give you a hug.

We are then privy to watching Porsha meet with 2 match makers who are assessing Porsha’s needs and wants.  We find out Porsha has been divorced for 5 years (I didn’t realize it had been that long), and then we are taken through flashbacks of her exes.  Again, things I didn’t know.  The only ex I can recall is the one she scared by coming on so strong.  He treated her like a booty call and she thought he was her boyfriend and threw him a big surprise party & wore his jersey number.  I recall he disappeared shortly after that.

I do agree Porsha needs help with Men so this is actually a good idea on her part. (I can’t believe that I’m saying this).  Now, if only Sheree can do this too.

We are then tortured with Cynthia and …. Peter.  She is meeting up with him as they are going to get involved in a business together.  She lets us know that she still finds Peter hot and like when I heard this the first time, I just threw up in my mouth a little after writing this.  She lets Peter know she has a new boyfriend and he respects her choices.  If they can have a mature relationship then I tip my hat off to them. I do love that Cynthia dressed super hot to go to the meeting just to rub it in Peter’s face.  He says she doesn’t look older then 32 and that is TRUE!

Sheree is getting ready to go off to Howard and so Sheree has decided that it is time to talk to her kids about her relationship with Bob.  Even though, this is really hard to watch, it is important to talk about.  I commend Sheree for refusing to be shamed by what happened. The stigma around domestic abuse needs to be lifted and she is using this show as her platform to do something good.

We are with Kandi & Todd at the pool with their kids. I skipped over this.  While they are cute, I’m bored of this. So naturally, we are then privy to scenes with Kandi and her daughter Riley. For the moms out there, they may relate to this.  I find it boring.  Honestly, I watch the show for the drama. As soon as I write this though, I think it is nice to have some positive female relationships to watch on TV so maybe I should be quiet.

Next, Cynthia is heading out on a date with her new boyfriend, Will.  She is going to introduce him to Kandi & Todd and she is nervous.  They are meeting up on his boat and as always, she looks fantastic.  Kandi however, has some hesitations about Will.  I guess he was on a dating show years ago and didn’t come off that well. Hell, if we are going to base our opinions about people on how they came off on a reality show then none of these women should talk.  Nonetheless, Kandi confronts him.  It is about here that I noticed what Todd is wearing.  He is wearing a shirt with tons of holes which makes the shirt look like it is moth bitten. I seriously can’t handle when people wear clothes that are expensive but are made to look cheap.  Just own your money and dress nice already. If I had 100’s to blow on a T-shirt, I would not buy one that looks like it is about to fall apart.

So Kandi continues to grill Will. I guess he likes to hop around from dating show to dating show.  I picked up that Will is a fame whore from the first date but because he is as attractive as Cynthia, I figured they were perfect for one another.   Kandi thinks because Todd took the heat from her circle, then Will should face some heat.  Yea, Kandi, no one else has your bitter mother, so no, Will will not face the same heat.  Once they get through the awkward interrogation, they continue to boat and eat appies.  Kandi does concede that he seems like a good guy.  Cynthia does divulge that they have not hooked up yet and she is nervous because she likes him so much.  She doesn’t want to get attached and then find out it sucks. YES! that would be terrible and it isn’t like when you are younger and the bad sex is due to inexperience.  When you are in your 40’s and the sex is bad it is because you are bad in bed.  Of course, drunk Cynthia blurts this out to him and pretty much shot her chances of ever seeing him naked.

We are finally on Porsha’s first date from the matchmakers.  She is told he is wearing jeans and she is miffed. The thing I hated watching this is that Porsha really thinks she is something special.  Confidence is one thing but she really thinks she is better then other people which was evident when she showed up to her date.   She walked into the restaurant and then darted out.  She took a deep breath and entered.  As soon as she sat down, she came up with a bullshit reason she had to leave in 30 minutes.

He may not have been the most attractive (he has very unfortunate teeth), but when someone shows up telling you how long the date will last, it is rude.  I say this of course with a fresh diamond ring on my finger.  I did my share of online dating and I did my share of running away.  However, these dates were not on camera and I was not embarassing them on national television.   I did like one moment.  He gets Porsha to do a Sake bomb and when they finish, he says “maybe now, you will loosen up a little bit over there”  Boom.  Yes, Porsha you ain’t so great.

We end the show with Sheree talking about and to her new boyfriend.  I think that my views on this are well known.  Every time she gushes about him, my heart breaks a little more for her.  The fact he committed a federal offense does not scare her off.  While she is confronting her abuse demons, she is inviting shade into her life. She lets us know that they are exclusive which again, I’m not entirely sure is a huge score on her end of things.  It isn’t like he is going anywhere and they are not dating!! They are talking on the phone and she is paying for it because every call is collect. RUN, SHEREE RUN!!!!!!

We are away for 2 weeks because the next 2 Sundays are Christmas Eve and New Years eve, however, when we do come back,  Nene is back for all of you that are missing her.  Kenya and Sheree have teamed up for domestic abuse awareness but the day of a photo shoot we learn Sheree has been in an accident so will tune in next time to see what happens!!!

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