Real Housewives of Atlanta: Storming Out

So after a very entertaining week, we came back down to the lack lustre episodes we have become accustomed to in Atlanta.  Nene & Kim Z were not in this episode and Sheree was thrown a courtesy scene which foreshadowed some future drama with Nene.

In the beginning of the episode we are privy to a scene where Sheree gets a phone call from her boyfriend in Jail.  Unless he is constantly phoning her (and they can), I would venture that she sets up these calls to coincide with filming to give her a story line.  He is obviously very into this idea because nothing is hotter then a criminal fame whore.  Anyways, she brings up the fact that Nene is throwing shade at their relationship.  He conveniently lets out the secret that back in the day, perhaps when she was separated from Greg, she was hounding him for a little company. When she learns he is saying this, she will lose her mind and world war 3 will begin yet again securing both hers and Sheree’s return next season.

The rest of the episode was devoted to the charity efforts by the ladies spliced with family time from Kandi.

This week, Porsha, Cynthia and Kenya went to Houston for some fundraising and humanitarian efforts.  They were accompanied by Shemea and Porsha’s sister, Lauren.

Kandi didn’t join the ladies as Riley’s 15th birthday was approaching so she opted to donate money & spend some quality time with her family. During a driving lesson with Riley, we get a a phone call from Block, Riley’s dad.  For some reason this phone call triggered Riley and she left the car sobbing and won’t talk to Kandi.  This prompted her to have some face time with Block.  We learn that he has recently had a baby girl and it leads us to believe that this new addition may be part of the reason of his trying to be a better dad with Riley.  Everything about him bothered me and I thought he sounded like a tool.  It is great that he finally decided to grow up but unfortunately it was at Riley’s expense.  Kandi suggests the three of them try counselling & I hope we don’t get televised therapy.  Riley doesn’t need that.

Back in Houston, we start off the trip with a meet and greet with Porsha’s charity.  Those in attendance are people affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Porsha is quite moved and was inspired by her grandfather to keep up with her humanitarian efforts. Afterwards, we went to Cynthia’s event which was basically a daytime concert with a few artists that I don’t recognize but I am so out of the loop so it doesn’t mean they weren’t anyone. Cynthia and Shamea are on stage thanking everyone and shouting various people when Cynthia thanks Porsha and calls her on stage.  Porsha announces she is donating $5000 and thanks her ‘sister’ Cynthia.  They cut to Lauren who looked like a hurt puppy.

Kenya wasn’t able to travel with the ladies when they arrived so she showed up during the concert to meet everyone much to Cynthia’s excitement and Porsha’s disappointment.

That night, Porsha has some alone time with Shamea to get to the bottom of their issues. She fails to see how she contributes to all of the conflict that surrounds her.  It drives me nuts.  Shamea recognizes that Porsha had a condition which prevents her from travelling as she would like and again, I call bullshit to the whole thing. Porsha doesn’t apologize to Shamea and she sits there staring at Porsha like she is speaking German.  This is why she would never be a full time housewife.  She is unable to throw it down on cue and instead we are left with boring conversations.

This is the problem with Atlanta this year.  Nene is hit & miss. Sheree has 1 scene. Then the other ladies are filming with their friends and off camera partners it is all out of whack and pathetic.  Either they are going to film together with live people or they are out and I believe that Kenya is on the way out which I will explain.

The next day, Porsha has another event and Kenya is doing some work with Habitat for Humanity. All of the ladies except Lauren (because she is handcuffed to Porsha) went with Kenya and this upset Porsha to no end.  She feels that she was a substitute friend to Cynthia.  She was all tight and great with Cynthia until Kenya showed up.  When Kenya did arrive, Cynthia dropped her like a hot potato.  I’m impressed she noticed this because I’m sure the other ladies think she is too self absorbed to notice.

So the ladies arrive on a street that had been damaged by flood damage.  All of the houses were gutted and had to be rebuilt on the inside.  Kenya & her ladies worked on demolishing one room.  Now, while I appreciate they are shedding light as to what happened and giving Habitat some screen time, h0w is working for one afternoon going to help them?  I can’t believe I am more impressed by Porsha in this instance.

Her team, aka sister and minion workers, pulled together an event where they handed out meals, and donations to over 2000 people.  They in fact, were running out of food near the end of the day which brought Porsha to tears.  Now, I don’t know if her emotions were sincere but at least she affected some change in the neighborhood.

That night after a long day for both parties, they all met for dinner at a BBQ joint (btw, am having southwestern BBQ at my wedding and I was excited to see some of the meals they were dishing).  Anyways, exhausted, they sit down and Lauren calls out Cynthia for bailing on their event.  Cynthia gives a BS answer that she didn’t know there was one but an earlier clip shows them discussing the itinerary for the trip.  Porsha’s fears were true, Cynthia dropped Porsha when Kenya arrived.  Porsha had some valid points that it was an important day, that she supported Cynthia and expected more from her. Cynthia didn’t seem to care either way as she came for her event and felt quite proud of herself.

I am realizing that the ladies of Atlanta are doing a lot of charity work but some how this is not forced down our throat the way Dallas used to.  I guess the difference here is that the ladies want to help others while Dallas uses it as a reason to socialize.

Kenya arrived late again.  (not sure why) but before she showed up, Shamea tells the group she felt dismissed by Kenya.  I saw those scenes.  While Kenya wasn’t overly ass kissy, I don’t think she was dismissive vs focused.  Shamea is being overly sensitive and trying to hard to be relevant that it is annoying.

Kenya sits down and Shamea starts in on her.  Kenya really isn’t giving her any time of day. She is interrupting constantly asking the waiter for water or napkins or any reason to not listen to Shamea.  Cynthia helps out Shamea and tells her that the ladies felt dismissed and that Kenya could have been a little more polite.

and then it happened

Kenya had a full blown Britney Spears melt down.  She gets up and rushes to the bathroom where, while she was mic’d she unleashes holy hell onto the producer.  This was all behind a closed door but I haven’t heard anyone including Lee Ann Locken drop as many f bombs as Kenya did here.

She is fed up with being set up as a bitch.   Even though Kim thinks the marriage is fake, Kenya reminds us she is a married woman and that Marc wouldn’t want her to put up with this crap.  She wants the mic off and she wants out of the restaurant.

Porsha makes her way to the washroom when the door opens and the camera crew finally gets a glimpse of Kenya. She informs the camera in a very curt way that nope, they don’t get to film her and as the door closes gives the finger to the crew.

So if you haven’t figured it out by now, Kenya is done.  Not so much that she will be fired because Bravo doesn’t seem to mind when the ladies sound off but she is done in Atlanta period.  You can tell she wants to move to NYC and be with her husband and that she no longer is into the show.  Even the medium from last week said so (although, it doesn’t take a psychic to figure that out).

Next week, Kim is back and working on her budding friendship with Porsha.  Nene is hanging with a new lady and we find out that Cynthia’s new man friend has a girlfriend so I’m hoping that we bring the show back to the level it was last week.

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