Real Housewives of Atlanta: The Peaches of Wrath

We are back in Atlanta and while we were bored for the first few minutes with the goings on with Porsha (apparently, she is acting in plays), the show BROUGHT it this week and we didn’t have to wait til the very end to get the goods!

Kim Z came back this week to have lunch with both Sheree and Nene. We find out Nene is a no show but more on that later.  My point however is that more tea was spilled in five minutes with these ladies then the whole season with the whole cast.  I was squealing and clapping my hands with glee.

I can’t believe what I’m about to say. I’m so glad Kim Z came back. After last week, I wasn’t looking forward to tonight’s episode and even said to Joe that I wasn’t looking forward to blogging this week.  Up til now, I’ve been kind of bored.  Aside from the white party, it has been kind of ‘nice’ and while I like watching the show, I wasn’t sure if it was worth blogging about.

Then there was Dinner.

First of all, Kim Z brings a level of sauciness that none of the other ladies do.  Nene has her own flavour so I don’t really want to compare them and whenever Sheree is either with Kim Z, Nene or both, she relaxes and lets out some of her fun personality.

Kim arrives in some weird sleeveless, strapless top that I was making bets as to when it would fall down and we would see her boobs. They keep giving us flashbacks to a time when all three of them used to get along and while I like Kim’s face more pre surgeries, I do like her wigs better now.

Sheree fills Kim in on San Fransisco.  She mentions that the ladies don’t dig Porsha right now. Kim loves Porsha however, when Sheree points out the problem was the sexual assault allegations, Kim does concede that was bad however, Kandi having threesomes with her husband doesn’t surprise her as Kandi offered to service Kim (I think Lick my box was used).  She thinks it is crazy that as a married woman you may want to share your man but I think it is crazier you are sharing all of this on national TV.

Sheree is dying when they decide to phone Nene to see where she is at.  Nene basically laughs at them on the phone and explains there are too many elephants in the room for her to come to dinner.  She will talk to them separately later.

I see Nene’s side.  Kim arrived at her house un-announced, screamed at her friend and smashed a bunch of glasses.  Yea, I wouldn’t be keen on meeting her either.  However, Kim, the never ending narcissist that she is, doesn’t understand why Nene wouldn’t want to see her. So not only does she claim Nene is crazy, must be on pills but then she dishes that Brielle found 24 cockroaches in Nene’s bathroom and shared it on snapchat.  Additionally, she revealed Nene rents her rolls royce.

Yea, I see why Nene stayed away.  What I don’t understand is why Nene came back to the show.  I think she is past this and has grown beyond most of these ladies.

Sheree dishes about her boyfriend and that she is indeed in love.  She is counting down the days til he gets out of his 10 year sentence for fraud.  She believes his story that he is falsely imprisoned.  He is going through the appeal process and so she is waiting with baited breathe.  Kim knew him from before so she supports Sheree and thinks this is great.

Why do I feel like I wouldn’t fit in Atlanta and the crazy water that these ladies drink?

This was probably the best 5 minutes of TV of the whole season.  I almost want to stop the recap here but alas we are only 20 minutes in.

Before we get to the main climax of the evening, we stop in at the Bailey Agency where Cynthia is putting on a drive for School Supplies for disadvantaged school kids.  Great initiative.  What isn’t great is that her boyfriend stops by.  Considering this is a guy that is supposedly someone she doesn’t know that well and is new in her life, he is certainly getting a lot of screen time.  How can we not think he isn’t an opportunist. I also detest the way the show thinks we are stupid.  We understand the level of co ordination that takes place into filming these scenes so for him to ‘suddenly stop by’ without Cynthia’s knowledge makes us both look stupid.

We all know it is arranged for him to come by so why play dumb?  Anyways, we learn the fierce 50 year old Cynthia is quite insecure (makes sense if her ex husband was cheating on her).  He reveals to her that he is going to Brazil for a week and she is in knots. Kenya of all people has to calm her down.  I will be interested to see what happens to the relationship when the cameras are not rolling.

As there is a lot of strife with the group of ladies on an ongoing basis.  Nene has decided to take it upon herself to try and clear up some of the energy.  She has decided to book a Medium for the evening and help direct the ladies through an evening to talk about the elephants in the room.

A few things happened for this. Nene shows up before the group to meet with Mbele and give her a run down of all that is going on.  To join her for dinner is Kandi, and Cynthia.  While they dine, Mbele sits in the corner and watches them with her ever creepy stare. She also likes to speak in a slow deliberate way that tries to showcase how deep she is but sounds more spooky then anything.  I find the whole thing contrived and so did Kim who eventually ruins the evening but we will get to that.

Kenya finally arrives and they only have to wait for the remaining three ladies before they can begin the energy healing.  Over at Sheree’s house, the three remaining ladies gather.  At this point, you may be doing some quick calculations and are wondering who are the three. The main ladies on the season are: Nene, Kandi, Kenya, Porsha and Sheree.  Marlo has been a friend, Shamea has been a friend but no, this is not who we are talking about.  We mean, we also need Kim Z for the healing to begin.

Let’s be honest, Kim brings trouble with her everywhere she goes.  She likes to say she is fun.  I like to say she is abrasive because she is.  Kim is a polarizing person and I doubt she stays long enough to give a shit how you feel.  She walks in, drops some f bombs and drops the mic.

Before  they head out, the three ladies gab in the kitchen.  Porhsa reveals what she believes to have happened in San Fransisco.  Kim  doubles down and says that something is off with Nene.  Porsha is so relieved to finally have someone on her side that she starts holding hands with Kim as the night goes on.  Porsha truly has no idea why Nene may not like her and she just showed me she is dumber then I previously thought.

The last three arrive.  One of Mbele’s rules has been that in her establishment, there are no cell phones. The idea is that they are all present in the moment and cell phones take you away from this.  Most agree.  Of course Kim and Porsha do not. Kim manages to bullshit her way out of giving up her phone (she has 6 kids after all even though one of them is 20) and kept her phone much to Kenya’s chagrin.

Mbele gathers the women and begins to intensely look at the women one on one.  Kim was doing everything she could to not laugh.  While I would probably also find the intensity funny, she comes off as rude rather then insightful.

She starts with Sheree: Tells her that there is no reason to be indecisive and there is nothing to worry about.

Kandi: She tells her that Kandi will be helping her that evening and there are things she hears or sees that always make her feel like it is a Deja Vu.  Basically, she is saying Kandi has intuitive abilities but hasn’t really tapped into them

Nene: She tells Nene that she hasn’t been a little girl for quite some time (whatever that means) and that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks as she has a heart of gold and all of this conflict is weighing on her.

This pissed off Porsha. She is mad that they are not paying attention to her.

It is about now, that she is holding Kim’s hand.

The medium looks at Cynthia and points out that often people will say things to her which she will pay no mind to but that Cynthia needs to take heed to what she is about to say.  She warns that Cynthia needs to protect herself, pride and name that people are right this time and there is an opportunist in her midst.

Kim decides to interrupt at this point & told Cynthia to not listen to her.  Mbele is PISSED and calls Kim a dixie cup.  In all fairness, Kim has been chattering under breath or to Porsha the entire time extolling how she thinks this was a big load of crap.  Because she has been with better psychics including Tyler (who is a massive joke) she knows what is what and this isn’t it.

Mbele is not having any of it.  She calls Kim out on her having spirituality but yet is so disrespectful.   Kim YELLS at her stating that she is from a higher power.   Mbele simply states, You get what you give so deal with it.

She then focuses on Kenya and tells her she will not be here much longer meaning that she has another path to travel (duh, she is married and lives in NYC).  Kim of course, had kept yammering on.  Kenya then turns to Kim and gives her an ultimatum.  That either she shut up and listen or she can leave.  For the first time ever Nene applauded Kenya’s efforts.

Kandi finally interrupts to ask, when are they getting to the healing portion of the evening.  Mbele asks the ladies to switch up the seating. Of course, Porsha and Kim don’t move so Mbele asks if Kim wants a bath. (meaning a spiritual cleanse).  Kim declines and Mbele just left the room.  Well there you go.  Kim broke the medium.

Kandi takes over and it turns out Mbele was right, Kandi does help her.  Kandi starts off asking Porsha how she felt about the Tea.  That didn’t go anywhere. They then ask Nene what elephants she has in the room in particular what her beef with Sheree is.  Nene, with a lot of attitude, tries to explain to Sheree the beef was only with Kim  and didn’t want to talk about it in front of Sheree.  Sheree ain’t buying it and asks if her problem is with Tyrone.  While Nene contends she doesn’t have a problem with Sheree dating Tyrone, I think we all know otherwise which is why Sheree throws in Nene’s face she too has a mug shot.

This didn’t manage to phase Nene too much and I must applaud the professional. She doesn’t take the bait easily and responds by informing Sheree that one arrest is vastly different then someone going to jail for 10 years for fraud.  That is very true. Sheree doubles down and says he is appealing his verdict and is standing by her man.

So without really resolving anything, Cynthia tries to be relevant and asks Kenya and Kim what their problems are.  Kenya thoughtfully and calmly recaps the 3 times they have crossed paths.  Kim decides this is a great time to read her phone.  She claims she doesn’t want to take the bait but it really does look like Kim was coming in hot for Kenya.  This when Kim tells Cynthia to butt out.  Cynthia is not used to people being rude to her so she is without words.  Kim later tells Cynthia that she should stick to being pretty & I would have pit in Kim’s drink but I’m old & bitter so anyways.

Kenya confronts Kim and wonders why she is there.  I’m wondering why she is there.  No, seriously, why is she in this episode?  She didn’t serve a purpose with the medium.

It is about here that Nene excuses the ladies.  Nothing was resolved but she asked Kim to hang back.  They too have a weird one on one conversation where nothing is resolved. Nene is trying to explain that she never feels on the same page as Kim and Kim just wonders if Nene is on pills not because she is being very rude but because Nene is always pre occupied in every situation. That I can agree to. Nene doesn’t seem there but I don’t attribute that to pills but rather all of the health issues that Greg is going through.  He is her life and if he is struggling, that would take a toll on anyone.  If that isn’t bothering her, then I don’t know what is going on.  Aside from these group gatherings, we are getting not much from Nene & I wonder why she is back.  I just think she has outgrown these ladies and I think she is doing this show because she thinks she needs to.

After last week, I thought I was over Atlanta but the ladies brought it this week and I’m in. I’m doubling down.

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