Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Bad Guys

I need to start off this post with a question: Are you liking this season of Beverly Hills?   While I was at a Hockey Game last night (I am Canadian.  Going to a hockey game is a prestige event), I did check twitter and I read that RHOBH was not trending on twitter.   I find that shocking and not surprising at the same time.

After 3 episodes, there is no REAL drama.  With that being said, I think our expectations of the Housewives have become blown out of proportion.  We have become so accustomed to glasses smashing and drunk escapades that when women act as mature Ladies we are bored.  Additionally, we don’t tweet as much when we simply like something.

This week, I’m going to take the opportunity to write my observations on the ladies versus traditional recapping.

I personally like this show and do enjoy watching it but for the sake of stirring up some discussion I want to ask this: Can we all agree that Dorit is beyond aggravating?

1: Her ‘accent’ is grating

2: Her extra-ness in EVERY situation is just that: Extra (annoying).  Jagger showing to her birthday in a tuxedo was adorable but she acts like she hasn’t seen him in 2 weeks.

3: She brags about all she owns and spends much like Lydia and if I hear about how much money she has one more time, I will punch the TV.

So, in the mortal words of my 9-year-old self “Gag me with a spoon”.

I cannot think of a more appropriate comment regarding Dorit.  She isn’t necessarily offensive but she doesn’t strike joy in me either.   I have noticed that Boy George is absent from this season’s taping.


In other news, Dorit’s braids made a comeback.  Either she is braiding in fake hair or they are editing in previously taped scenes to create a fluid story line.

Lisa Rinna is trying hard to be relevant.  She has no actual beef with anyone so she is finding any reason to talk.  She is claiming she is going to take her time getting to know Teddy Jo this year. Ok, thanks for the update.

At Dorit’s birthday Dinner, the producers obviously forced PK to invite Lisa Rinna.  She then proceeded to make a spectacle of herself with her loud attention seeking toast.  One thing Lisa Rinna is good at is sucking up. This will ultimately bite her in the ass but I will enjoy seeing her come for Dorit later in the season.

Erika wisely wore a pantsuit to the birthday party and was seated next to Teddy Jo.  Someone who can’t act is Teddy Jo.  She clearly does NOT like Erika.  There was a massive look of disdain as she is talking to Erika that leads me to think that later in the season that resentment will come to a boil.  Basically, Teddy confronts Erika about a conversation in Vegas.  Teddy had been describing what it was like growing up with John Mellencamp as a Dad when Erika cut her off and steered the conversation back to her.

Teddy did all she could to spit out the few words and Erika barely tried to recall the moment.  Why this was a conversation in my opinion was because the producers prompted Teddy.  I will tell you why Erika did that… she was in Vegas & was drunk.  No more.. no less.  Is Erika Teddy’s first attention seeking friend?   You may be from South Carolina but there are attention whores everywhere.  Maybe there are just more per capita in Beverly Hills.

Turns out that the scene where Jagger calls Erika a ‘bad guy’ was a nonstarter.  He calls everyone a good guy or a bad guy because of the shows he has been watching. Erika rolled with it and admitted she could very well be a ‘bad guy’.

I do like Erika.  Her answers are well thought out and are measured.  She is definitely opening up this season and trying to give us a taste of her personal life.  Is that because she is on a reality television show? Maybe.  Is that because she is selling a book?  More likely.  Look, I have never thought for a minute that Erika is on the show for something to do.  She has a singing career and I believe she uses every tool at her disposal to promote her and I’m fine with that. She literally tells us as much and I appreciate she doesn’t think we are dumb.

I don’t know what to make of her family life growing up.  It is hard to hear.  At the age I am, I have heard of more ‘dysfunctional’ households then happy families.  Everyone seems to have a story and Erika’s Dad walking out and never acknowledging them, is hers.    I don’t think she has Daddy issues as much as she has abandonment issues which is why she wades in slowly to her relationships.  If you meet people with abandonment, you risk them leaving you that easily.  Erika feels the need for control and chooses her friends and more importantly who will get close to her.  Possibly this is why she surrounds herself with her paid entourage.  I could go on & on & on…  I have been told I have these very issues so I’m speaking from more of a personal point of view then any expertise so take it for what you want.

What I can be sure about is that whomever is writing her book has a pornstache and looks like he should be driving an ice cream truck not ghost writing her biography.

Teddy Jo is a breath of fresh air on a pretentious show however, she doesn’t have an ounce of the Beverly Hills money the rest of the women do.  I don’t understand why she lives there (Beverly Hills).  However, some of the other ladies don’t technically live in Beverly Hills either (Kyle/Erika) so I guess geography isn’t a breaking point for the producers.

Teddy Jo had an equestrian event in San Diego and a few of the ladies hauled their goodies down the coast to support her.  She herself doesn’t own these horses because an accountability coach only brings in so many dollars.  In all fairness, you need to be upper echelon rich to own these levels of horses.  The average price tag is around 250 000 to purchase never mind the maintenance, training, travel and accommodation.  Course, these serve as investments, and the owners are looking to win the purses.  Enter Teddy Jo who clearly has the talent and skill to make that happen.

Before we headed down to the event, we all meet at Lisa V’s house which I believe is starting to look like the Neverland ranch between her geese, ponies, dogs and god knows what other animals on the property.  She was busy washing animal poop off her walkway when Dorit showed up in the most ridiculous outfit for the day.  The disillusioned, truly thought she was off to a Polo like match like Julia Roberts in Pretty Women.  Much to her dismay the more sensible dressers (the 2 Lisa’s) proved to be much more practical.

I wonder what she said when no one handed her some champagne on the wood benches.

What we all learned on this show and I was as shocked as Lisa Rinna was how old Lisa V really is.  Turns out she is 57 making her only 3 years older than Lisa R.  If she would be alive, Lisa V would be 1 year older then Princess Diana.  I have been watching a documentary on her on Netflix hence the random reference however, I do think if Di were alive today, I could see her being friends with Lisa V.  (Hell, she apparently was friends with Dorinda so why not Lisa V).

Anyways, my long road to my point is that Lisa looks older than 57.  There is no debate on whether or not she is elegant as she is but honestly, she looks in her 60’s.  I blame this on Ken.  He is an old curmudgeon and it rubs off on her.  Lisa R, who is 3 years younger, does look like she is in her 40’s. Course she takes every vitamin and supplement available to her and is not shy from an injection or 2.

We end the show with a Dinner at Dorit & PK’s place.  Dorit wants for their husbands to get to know one another better.  I do find it easier when couples can be actual friends with other couples. However, Teddy Jo is smelling something and it isn’t the cumin.  She is starting to notice how aggressive PK and Dorit are being in their campaign to defame Lisa R.  Just as soon as I made a note about this, Teddy Jo said it in a confessional. Neither her nor I understand why someone would say they forgive and then throw them under the bus in the same breath.

It almost appears that Dorit and PK invited Teddy & Edwin over to dinner just so they could spend the whole time slamming Lisa R.  I agree. This is not forgiveness.   This is lame.  Some people are pointing out that PK is reminding them of Simon von Kemp and I may tend to agree. What is the point of this dinner other than to stir the pot & create drama further down the road.

I predict the following as the season progresses:  Teddy Jo will have a falling out with Erika.  Dorit and PK will have a day of reckoning with Lisa R and Teddy Jo will lose love for Dorit because of it.

With that being said, I did not notice Kyle had not been on the episode until she faces timed with Lisa R.  I did not miss her at all.  This proves to me she doesn’t bring anything to the show.  Any drama that surrounded her was because of her sister and she has used Kim her entire life for leverage.  I am going to watch the rest of the season trying to decide if Kyle brings anything to the show or sucks the life out of every scene.

I don’t think that the show was all that boring per se but it didn’t feel action packed either.  However, I think we are laying the groundwork for future story lines.  Plots are being laid out and alliances are being drawn.  Dorit is clamoring for the love of Teddy Jo and Lisa V has yet to really come out and deliver any story for this season.  I feel like she is phoning it in this year and her focus is on Pump Rules.

I look forward to seeing the ladies in Tokyo next week so til then, find me on Twitter and say hello!



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