Real Housewives of Dallas: Bubbles & Brooding

Remember when I said this show was fresh?  Well, we have lost some of the sheen this week and perhaps was for a good reason.

We picked up in Dallas where we left off, at D’Andra’s anniversary party.  Despite being confused for celebrating 4 years, everyone is having fun and that includes new besties, LeeAnne and Stephanie.

Stephanie decides to up her anti and confides to LeeAnne that she too has battled depression and even faced a suicidal demon many years ago.  While this is very brave to admit, I will say it seemed odd to blurt out… at a table of 10 at a party especially to someone who up til now, scared you.

Convinced this moment was planted, Stephanie later explains to her mother the reason she confided to LeeAnne on camera was that LeeAnne herself has struggled and is very open with her struggles. So in light of her new appreciation for LeeAnne, she thought she would open up to show LeeAnne the strides they are taking in their new found friendship.  I don’t know.  Again, I’m not belittling Stephanie nor the struggle she had faced.  It saddens me to imagine that anyone would feel so alone and despondent and so their only alternative is to end their life.  I hear that, and all I want to do is scoop them up and hold them until they feel better.  What I am uncomfortable with is how it came out and how it was delivered.  It was so out of the blue and so off the cuff that it didn’t give it the attention it deserved nor was called for at this time.  I get that Stephanie is trying harder to open up for the cameras but couldn’t we have had that conversation in a more natural way like the way she does with her mother?

With her mother, she dug a little deeper into what happened and what brought her to that moment.  Seeing as her mother was privy to that time, it seemed like a more natural conversation one would have about such a heavy topic. Maybe it was the filming, but the moment honestly came off as

“Can you pass the peas?

“Thanks…. did you know I have tried to commit suicide?”

It just felt…. yucky.

However, as soon as we had the moment, it was gone.  LeeAnne was appreciative and then Brandi, who RSVP’d no to the party, showed up.  Again, I feel this is jenky.  There was literally no reason for her to show up other than screen time.  Her intention was to arrive and have a quick pow wow with D’Andra explaining why she didn’t want to come to a party she is now at.

However, as Brandi explains in her confessional, she understands that this is D’Andra’s night so pulled back.  The ladies grabbed some liquid courage in the form of tequila and dug in.

The rest of the ladies were in the peripheral.  They are worried things will decline LeeAnne styles and a big fight will break out.  However, Brandi, afraid of confrontation, just asks D’Andra if there is possibly another time she would possibly be ok talking to her at? D’Andra agrees and scene.

I want to complain here. I’m not mad that they didn’t argue because there will be plenty of drama this season but I want to call out the shitty production editing.  Last week, they left the show on a major cliffhanger like Brandi was the second coming to arguments. They end this week’s show the exact same way and I just want to say: Stop.  Stop the fake drama and shit stirring with going dark in the middle of a moment because when we come back the following week, none of care anymore.  In fact, all the suspense that was created in the hour leading up to that moment is lost by stalling it a week.   I think it was Jersey that was also using this technique and it was just as annoying.

So as they were trying to leave do we realize that Stephanie is naked wasted.  Not only is she slightly slurring but she also tries to mount the lion statue on the driveway.  Knowing she is in a dress, she mounts it side saddle and of course, falls.  I have a friend who always feels compelled to climb things when she is drunk. This I will never understand.  She will forever give me heart attacks by her antics (one time she literally climbed up a bookcase so when I emerged from the bathroom, she pounced on me.  Another, she climbed onto my roof to chase a racoon).

Now that the party is over, it is back to work. D’Andra arrives in the morning greeting all of the ladies as she passes. Soon after, Dee makes an appearance.  D’Andra explains that the 2 of them, despite being meters apart, do not talk.  That is, until now.  Dee has called D’Andra in for a meeting.  Basically anything D’Andra is trying to accomplish, Dee shuts down.  She didn’t step down as head of the company.  She built it after all.  She also is refusing to let D’Andra re-brand their diet supplement (their biggest money maker) by explaining that those that use the supplement are Dee’s customers.

Now, I’m irked.  If you don’t know, I literally work in Branding and Website design so I see D’Andra’s point.  While Dee may have built up a strong base, it is no longer speaking to the next generation of buyers & they need to do something to attract them.  Dee is afraid a change will scare off the old guard and this is a common fear amongst business owners but what people fail to see is that if you have a faithful clientele, a logo change isn’t going to scare them away as though they no longer understand what they are buying (unless they have dementia which may be the case in Dee’s clients).  The conversation is about how to attract the new. Things may be fine and the same as always but what these owners fail to see often times is what the competitions is doing and how they are blowing you out of the water.

So to D’Andra’s point, Dee’s clientele is OLD!  I mean, let’s be honest, if these are people that are following Dee, they must be starting to die off.  Dee argues that D’Andra is jealous of her and D’Andra tries to hold a snicker back.  If anything I think Dee is jealous of D’Andra as she is 28 years younger then her and she isn’t encumbered with children (and has a hot husband).

D’Andra goes as far to say, that if her mother stepped down they would have the money for this project.  Her mother waves that off.  D’Andra suggests that if her Mother gave up her salary for 2 years, they would have the money to rebrand.  Her mother scoffs at her and despite not needing the salary, wonders why she would do such a thing seeing as she BUILT the company.

If I were D’Andra, I would be punching myself in the face at the amount of times I would hear that in a day.  What Dee did is admirable and I can see why she can’t just let go.  Who wants to just sit around waiting to die? However, Dee is a control freak.  I don’t believe she has had plastic surgery but rather is pulling back her own face by sheer will.

I listened to Bitch Sesh this morning.  Despite the fact they are on hiatus for a Month, Casey Wilson, recorded her statements on RHONY and RHOD.  She has seen the light of what June Diane argued a couple of weeks ago: Where is it written that parents must leave an inheritance to their capable grown children.  That we have become a society of entitlement and we live in a ‘they have so I must have’ environment.  Please do not look at these things as a not caring for your family when you are gone nor having to break down an estate on behalf of someone but rather a full-on, leaving your children with a Trust so they never have to work again kind of will.

I do agree with this. (well, in theory).  If you don’t already know, I’m getting married.  I have three siblings and my father has helped or flat out paid for all three of their weddings.  My oldest sibling married days after graduating from university.  My sister married with a conservative afternoon lunch reception and my other brother, well, I am not sure how much help was needed but I doubt they had to really consider a budget.  All three were married in their 20’s.  I’m getting married in my 40’s (such the black sheep!) and it would kill me to turn to my father and ask for cash.  I was trying to have my own children for crying out loud and then to turn around and ask for cash would feel so weird. If he wanted to gift me with a gesture it would be one thing but ugh, I’m a grown up!

I bring this up because Casey thins that D’Andra is entitled and should just get her own job.  If I knew her, I would argue with her.  D’Andra did have her own job and life.  She was working in DC and came back to Dallas to work with her mother with the understanding she would take over the company one day.  It is one thing to just expect the keys like you are Tommy Boy but it is another to come back and spend years being groomed and working your way up.

Anyways, that was a long way round to say that D’Andra has decided to pick up a company (her mother owns) she previously shelved for her role in her mother’s beauty company.

This is not the last of the battle I’m sure but that is enough for today.

We finally spend some time with Stephanie at her 5 million dollar house that Travis purchased last season.  If you recall, Travis, her husband, bought a house without telling Stephanie ahead of time.  It also included a pool in the main room.  Well, after a mere 1.5 million dollar renovation, they got rid of the pool, enlarged the master bedroom and updated the bathrooms and kitchen. The house is beautiful.  It also reminds me how ridiculous housing prices are in Vancouver.  If you were to buy the same house in Van, you would be looking to pay in the 10-15 million dollar range.  There was literally a news story this week about how a house, that had burned down was on sale for 3 million.  Yes, for 3 million dollars, you too could own a piece of land and…garbage.

Stephanie was meeting with a party planner as she would like to host a baby reveal party for Brandi (such a 180 from last year when the 2 of them were not even speaking).  As mentioned, Stephanie’s mother was visiting and they had a true heart to heart.

We also spend some time with Carey and her family.  They too are doing renovations and until they are complete are living at Carey’s parent’s house as they winter in Palm Springs.  The only interesting thing I noticed here is that her daughter ate past while she ate some steak with a few stalks of asparagus. I guess that is why Carey looks the way she does and I look the way I do.  You know, if wine and cheese had a baby and bleached its hair.

I have said it before & I say it again. Carey is too normal for this show and shouldn’t be here.  We see in a preview she is upping her game and got the memo you skinny dip in a hot tub but otherwise, she is our calm level headed gal.

Before we get to the party, LeeAnne spends some quality time at her favourite store.  The proprietor of the boutique is working with LeeAnne on a dress design LeeAnne has envisioned for some time.  Yes, LeeAnne has taken a page out of the Lisa Rinna book of hustle and not only envisioned this dress design but wants to sell it on QVC.  After seeing the dress I could see why.  Not only is it a little black dress but you can wear it to Work, to Dinner, to Drinks or to a Gala!  Transform it! Wear it! Own it!  There are million different looks, only your imagination holds you back.  That and the dress looks the exact same in every style with the exception of the fringe or sleeves.  One has a sleeve.  One has a fringe.  One has a sleeve AND a fringe but the body of the dress remains the exact same.

This is the exact kind of crap they sell on QVC so I’m sure she will do well.  She just needs a rainbow of colour and voila! she will be a millionaire.

Finally, we arrive at the party.  Brandi is scrambling around getting her family ready.  She explains that with 3 kids, a husband and a dog that her life is full and she has to wake up at 7 am to curl her hair and put on her makeup.  I found that shocking not because she got up at 7 as every single other person does that every day but who curls their hair every day if they are at home????????????  I worked from home for 11 years and I probably showered a dozen times.

Maybe Brandi is a tich less disgusting than me (sometimes I wonder how I got engaged) but who is she curling her hair for other than filming?  I dunno.  I’m starting to wonder about her.  I also thought 7 am was a luxurious time to wake.  Most moms I know are up at 6 to wake their kids at 7.

Anyways, they are ready & off to Stephanie’s who has transformed her entire lower floor into a Blue daydream  The theme is called Bubbles & Bru where the latter is in honour of Brandi’s son, Bruin.  No one arriving at the party knows it is a baby reveal party.  That is until Kameron put her pink investigating hat on.  Yes, despite not being greeted at the door, the pink investigator managed to deduce that between the secret party, the blue balloons and ‘Bru’ that this was a party about Brandi’s baby.  I mean, the party wasn’t exactly subtle and cost a whopping $22,500.  (Btw, I’m noticing Stephanie likes to throw around her price tags quite a bit)

Stephanie panics and tells Kameron and Cort that she is mistaken and rather, she has a surrogate that is about to give birth.  Sure…. way to throw Kameron off the scent.  Why she felt the need to lie is beyond me but she did.

I pointed out that Kameron wasn’t greeted as when she arrived Stephanie was upstairs settling Brandi and Brian into her room so this irked Miss Manners who stated that in Southern Tradition, someone should be at the door to greet your guests & make them feel welcome.  They didn’t know anyone at the party so they only had each other to keep themselves company.  After Cort’s dismissive behaviour last week, I can imagine why Kameron wants someone to talk to.

Anyways, LeeAnne and D’Andra arrive.  Brandi did say she would rather invite the girls than leave them out.  Stephanie agreed as if they did that, the party would no longer be about Bruin but rather be about them being absent.

Now that all of the guests have arrived.  Stephanie gathers their attention to announce Bruin.  Rather than reveal Bruin Lion King styles and hold Bruin over their head, as I was half expecting, Brandi and Brian descend the staircase holding Bruin in their arms.  I mean, they could have played the music in the very least.  The look on Kameron’s face wasn’t a pleased one seeing as she was duped by Stephanie and they ended the episode there.   No completion, no confessionals gushing about Bruin. Just ended it as though we have some major cliffhanger and the cliffhanger isn’t what you think.

The previews show Kameron inviting the ladies to their winter getaway where they dine, make out and naked skinny dip.  Carey is mad at Brandi for something and hurtful words are hurled. So til then… find me on Twitter!

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