Real Housewives of Dallas – Season Finale

Siiiiigh… It actually happened. We had the season finale of Dallas.  While Bravo may have made a short season because they didn’t have faith in Dallas, they did this season right and I believe they are filming season 3 now.  (please don’t wait a year to air it). At least with Dallas I will actually miss the ladies, unlike OC which feels like the longest season ever and we only JUST begun to have plot lines.  My liver will not live survive.

Like any good franchise, Dallas is very divisive. On Team A, we have Brandi, Stephanie and Carey. On Team B, we have Kameron, D’Andra and LeeAnne.  Say what you want about LeeAnne, her shade of crazy is making the show and without it, we would just have pink dog food.

We start off this episode with LeeAnne and D’Andra planning LeeAnne’s engagement party.  I did like the event title “His last chance to Run”  They have been together for 8 years, there must be a side to her that is palatable.  However, I heard her on Heather McDonald’s Podcast and she explained that she is a freak in bed. I haven’t been able to eat since then.

So the party will ‘carnival’ themed and rather then trailer park it will be more cirque du soliel.  I appreciate that on this show these people are actually friends outside of the show & not just for the sake of filming.

This was more of a set up for the rest of the show so I’m refilling my wine & moving on.

Carey, Stephanie and Brandi dressed up for a Ladies lunch and for the girls to confront Brandi.  They feel LeeAnne manipulates Brandi and they want to shake some sense into her.  They are not holding recent comments by Brandi against her (even though she outed Carey as the former Nanny…. )  They actually have a mature conversation about Mexico & their feelings.  Carey is stating that LeeAnne is setting up Brandi up.  That she baited Carey into saying she didn’t want to be friends with Brandi over the whole sexual chocolate debacle.

Can I take a moment here and ask a dumb question?  Would taunting an uptight socialite in Mexico with a dildo really ruin their charity world?  and if so….. why?  Not that I’m running around with these in my pockets but I kinda feel that what happens on a drunken reality show trip kind of stays on a drunken reality show trip. I thought I was over LeeAnne talking about the charity world last season but ack.. its back.

So Brandi realizes even though she may have fought with these ladies, they never stopped loving her unlike some other friendships she has.  Can someone get Teresa G to watch this?  I mean, she seems to side with Danielle quite easily over a 20 year friendship with Deloros.  Anyways, we end the lunch with Stephanie laying down the law and basically saying she can’t be friends with LeeAnne.

Over to D’Andra.  It’s no secret that she is my favourite.  She is having a meeting with her mother about the missing ingredient from the new product. She is sweating because her mother is the scariest person she knows and it is not just because her face doesn’t move. She is the head of the company and has been prime D’Andra for years to take over the company and guess what!

She does.

She ceremoniously hands over the keys in a sweet moment made for tv.  Yes, this was for tv but it worked as a storyline and I wonder what she will do next season.  I need me some Dee.

We are back with LeeAnne and Rich waiting for LeeAnne’s mom to arrive. She is coming to town for the engagement party. We have learned this season that LeeAnne and her mother have a contentious relationship. I mean, who doesn’t? I don’t mean who doesn’t get along with their mother but doesn’t everyone have someone in their family that they have shaky bonds with? I don’t know anyone that has a totally perfect unison across the board.  It doesn’t have to be in a dysfunctional way as things are played up on reality TV but I don’t know, this story line bores me.  I feel it’s reaching.  Her mom had her young. Her mom left her with Grandma.  LeeAnne for some reason thinks this is rejection which I could see if you are 10 but you are 50 now.  Can’t you cut the woman some slack?  I see things my parents did from a totally different point of view now that I’m an adult.  Things are not black & white.  Life is many shades of gray.

We also find out that LeeAnne was a beauty pagent winner.  She is very beautiful. She took that quality & hustled her way into a modelling career and now reality tv.

Anyways, we get back to those 2 later in the show as we are now hopping over to Stephanie and Travis showing off their new home and discussing what renovations they are planning.  I feel like this is Heather Dubrow 2.0 but with less pretension.  As long as she doesn’t have a mid way construction party, I won’t mind. We knew they had money so this extravegance isn’t a surprise and I’m interested in seeing how it comes out.

Surprise! We are in therapy…with LeeAnne and her mom. Nothing says sincerity like televised Therapy.  They manage, however, to work through their issues with the aid of an overly made up counselor.

We are finally at the engagement party and let’s be honest, this is was all we really wanted to see this show.  The party looks amazing and very dream like.

Stephanie is the first to show up and wants us to know she is there out of respect for Rich.  D’Andra shows with her hot husband followed by Kameron (first appearance of the show) who thinks there is not enough pink.  Somehow this woman made colour a story line for herself.

Brandi shows up conflicted about her feelings for LeeAnne vs what the girls were saying at lunch.  Can I say that I have seen Brandi looking better.  I find this dress a little on the cheap side of things.  She looks amazing in her confessionals and this doesn’t live up to that standard.

Kameron lets us know her dog food is now being sold in a store. Have you read the reviews?  they are mixed. People magazine seemed to want to recommend the food (at $28/bag).  I have heard nothing but negative reviews. Kameron is claiming the negative reviews are fake. However, despite that, her food claims to be “grain and gluten free with no artificial preservatives,” and red #3 is listed as the last ingredient in the food, which multiple pet parents have taken issue with.  (how else would you get pink food w/out the dye?).

Carey and Mark show at the party. Despite the awkward conversation last week between Mark & LeeAnne, they have showed out of respect for Rich. I love Carey’s dress here.  I want to repeat myself from earlier posts and state that I think Carey is too normal for this show. She reacts how any normal person would in these situations. She isn’t playing alliances. She is just doing her thing as a mom.  They only juicy scoop is only when anyone comes for her and when that happens, she just rolls her eyes.

While this may make her a good person, it does not make good TV.

After a touching speech by D’Andra, LeeAnne has a conversation with Brandi to which she basically threatens Brandi.  It’s ironic actually how well timed out the conversations are taking place.  Brandi just met with the girls and now she is being talked to by LeeAnne who tells her if she ever crosses her, she will cut her throat.

Ok, we all know LeeAnne won’t actually do this but why say that?  I’ve never said that to anyone even dressed up as Pennywise for Halloween.

The very next day D’Andra is hosting an engagement brunch with the Ladies.  Carey shows ups and lets us know she is there out of respect for D’Andra.  She certainly begrudginly attends a lot of events.

They all toast and then sit down for lunch. Team A is on one side and Team B on the other (coincidence or conspiracy?)

As soon as they sit, do they get into it.  Carey lets LeeAnne know that she is the reason Mark shows up.  LeeAnne bitches about how she had to endure 48 whole hours of an upset fiance.  Carey is quick to point out that she has been putting up with LeeAnne for 2 years.

As they battle back and forth, Stephanie gives her quiet 2 cents and then it all came crashing down when Brandi spoke up.  She laid it all out there.  I do like Brandi and find that she knows how to stand up for herself without going nuts.

It wouldn’t be a housewives show unless there was drama at a brunch because in real life would you show up at an engagement party and come to attack the bride?  There is a lot of chatter on twitter about what is being said here.  Some people think that Brandi has twisted the words against LeeAnne.

Brandi: you said you were going to ruin their reputations

when in fact the flashback states:

LeeAnne: This behaviour will ruin our reputations.

If LeeAnne can manipulate Brandi so easily can’t Carey do this too? (maybe finally not so boring).

Brandi contends that LeeAnne was trying to keep her away from Stephanie and Carey.  Brandi drops several F Bombs and Team A leaves but not before thanking D’Andra on the way out (you know, because they’re ladies).

Carey lets LeeAnne know one more time, that she can’t threaten to kill people.

LeeAnne: Oh we’re back to that.

yes, LeeAnne, we are back to that. Carey does have a point.  We don’t just casually throw around death threats and shrug it off… even Carnies LeeAnne… even Carnies.

So D’Andra chases them down the driveway and the ladies apologize for the abrupt behaviour and we end the episode with a few follow up screen captures

  1. D’Andra’s mother is staying on as head of the company til the new product launch and is still in the office every day at 9am. (not really about D’Andra).
  2. Carey is back to work 2 days a week and because of it, got a trip to Zurich and a new Birkin (best signing bonus ever).
  3. Kameron’s dog food has hit the shelves
  4. Stephanie’s son is excelling at school and her house is under construction
  5. Brandi is no longer friends with LeeAnne
  6. LeeAnne is attending anger management and has taken Brandi off the wedding guest list.

Sometimes I wonder how real these fights are etc.. but if you have been paying attention to twitter at all, you can see how Brandi and LeeAnne are taking swipes at one another.


This is from yesterday


and these are from an hour ago (at least when I’m writing this)


So, I guess the feud is real.  I don’t think that Brandi cares. She has been an outsider before and her main goal isn’t climbing up the socialite ladder so I can see her going the distance on this fight.

So I am VERY interested in the reunion.  Normally I don’t care about reunion shows.  It usually is just recapping everything we have just watched but they left this season on such a cliff hanger and they are fighting so much, that I’m dying to see what happens.

So til next week my friends… see you then!!





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