Real Housewives of New Jersey: A Retreat to Remember

AAAH… it is halfway through November and the end of the year is ramping up and I am getting busier and busier still.  After I write this, I am heading down to San Fransisco for a few days so my recaps for Atlanta and OC reunion will be delayed next week as well.  I hopefully will back on track with New Jersey next week but again, the holiday season is kissing my heels and my parties have been scheduled for the last 2 weeks.

I didn’t want to delay watching New Jersey even though I did delay recapping it.  So I watched New Jersey yesterday morning before work and while at my desk listened to the Juicy Scoop Podcast that interviewed Siggy.  It is all very interesting.  That also had an impact on this week’s blog.  Where as I have been rolling my eyes all season and flip flopping with my loyalties, the podcast put me back in a good lane.  For those of you that obsess about how the show is filmed and what editing takes place, this is a good interview.  Siggy got a chance to speak her side of the story and explain why it looks like she goes from zero to 100 in one second.  If you prefer to not acknowledge the producer’s magic, well then, this show is perfect for you.  She did a great job at saying her side of things.  She discussed why she went on the show in the first place, and gives more details to some of our more famous scenes this season.

What I learned that I didn’t realize without giving too much away is that she wasn’t friends with Margaret before filming although they made it sound that way in the show and… SHE DIDN’T PAY FOR THE CAKE!!   All that drama over the cake and it wasn’t her money.  She was hammered down in Florida which most of us knew anyways.  The friend was indeed hers and between Siggy and her friend they co-ordinated the events that took place over the weekend.  She is still very much over the top in regards to her personality but I see a whole picture now that pulls back my critiques of her.

I wanted to disclaim that as I dig into this week’s episode as I may sound biased now.

I also want to go back to something I wrote in an earlier blog.  I recall wondering why everyone in Jersey is named Joe and then my own Partner walked in the room and guess what?  He too is named Joe so it turns out A: I’m not all that self aware and B: I forget that Joe is so common.  However, can I say that I associate names with imagery.  I mean could you agree that when you picture a Joe from Jersey (Juicy or Joe Gorga) would be vastly different then the Joe from Vancouver?

I bring this up because we start off the show with Margaret and Joe shopping for wallpaper.

I too am looking for wallpaper because I want an accent wall in my living room. So I get what Margaret is saying and much like her Joe, my Joe is also coming across as indifferent.  He pretty much likes everything I choose.  I don’t drag him along to all of the hunting I do but rather I show him the final three.  However, I’m not filming a show and they are so we see them in the store.

While we are shopping at the store, she talks to him about her former step children. She breaks down and cries about how they are no longer talking to her.  I do feel for her. I do see their side.  All I can say is that I’m sure they appreciate having this discussed on TV so if this reunion takes longer then she would like, she should only look at Tamra in the OC to see how this medium is helping out.

So we move over to Dolores and Teresa meeting up for a Coffee.  I’m glad we are back to the ladies hanging out with one another and less time separate with their families.  It’s nice to catch a glimpse of their life but that is all I want.

The ladies are meeting to talk over what Danielle is claiming Dolores to have said. What I like about this conversation is that Teresa doesn’t neccessarly believe Danielle but she laid out why she is doubting Dolores.  My opinion has always been was that Dolores actually said what she said but I think it is not within the context to which Danielle is claiming.  I hadn’t seen Dolores jump out of her chair like that ever before and lose her mind til that moment  and my belief is because she was betrayed.

However, let’s not forget Danielle is not new.  She isn’t saying what she is saying unless she is looking for a reaction.  So the question remains what is Danielle’s motive and this is what Dolores is trying to dig up.  She is trying to break Danielle’s credibility with Teresa (all the while throwing Danielle under the bus.

I must say for a chick that only has a fraction of screen time, she gets a lot of the storyline.  She knows what she is doing.

We finish the meeting with Dolores suggesting Danielle is on medication but Teresa defends Danielle suggesting that she is in yoga.  Yes, Teresa, you can do both.

So Dolores moves on and asks Teresa why she is critizing Frank moving back in after 18 years.  Teresa thinks she is nuts.  Here was a man that cheated on her so many years ago leaving her alone to raise their 2 kids and she let him back in the house.

Dolores’s answer? Well, unlike you, this is how I handled a cheating man.


Yes, Dolores suggested (I used suggest because she doesn’t outright say he did in fact sleep around), that Juicy had many years ago cheat on Teresa however, Teresa looked the other way. Where as Dolores knew and they did something about it.

Again, I want to interrupt.  I could see Juicy having a side piece.  He was TERRIBLE to her in the vineyards that one season and he put them in the current situation they are in. Teresa has a way of being able to put another layer of fake eye lashes on and stand by her man.  There would be no way in hell that I would be there after my husband implicated me in mortgage fraud.   However, Teresa is old school and they do not believe in abandoning your marriage.  So here we are.  Teresa hopes Juicy gets his shit together.   We end the the meeting with Teresa hoping that Dolores is right and Danielle is wrong but alas we have the retreat ahead of us.

We head over to Siggy’s who is eating a massive pile of ice cream.  So much that it makes my stomach sick.  Dolores has come over to visit her.  We find out Siggy has anxiety about her next steps.  She is conflicted between what Michael wants and her desire to build her brand.  This all ended up being a staged scene to discuss Siggy’s retreat and for Siggy to invite Margaret to the weekend. We also got a chance to talk about Danielle… again.  Dolores is vowing to try and give the woman a second chance.


So Melissa, finally has a reason to be on camera.  She is having lunch with Margaret.  I found that she is serving no purpose this year.  While she used to fight with Teresa and had all of the family issues. Now, that they get along, she doesn’t really serve a purpose on camera. I do on the other hand, think Margaret is great for the show.

They talk about family, the food tasting and of course the retreat. I find all of the preamble just a way to build anticipation and foreshadowing to what fireworks may come.

It’s right before the retreat so we see all of the ladies packing and getting ready for the weekend. Siggy is talking to Micheal, Margaret is talking to her assistants and Dolores is talking to Frank.  Melissa is in her grand bedroom with Joe.  I love that bedroom. Their house is very beautiful.  Lastly Teresa is with her daughter Audriana.

As Siggy went up before everyone to set up, all of the ladies meet at Teresa’s to grab the bus Siggy arranged for them. The fear is that Danielle and Dolores will be in the same bus but Dolores is holding strong that she can handle the situation with grace.

We cut between Siggy meeting with her partner and the ladies traveling in the bus.  They are all freaking out about Siggy’s Instagram post.  It is indeed over the top as it is a staged black and white photo of her shooting a bow & arrow.  She writes a HUGE post explaining if you come for her, that she will crush you.  They all wonder if it is about Margaret.

So we all arrive as do other ladies for the event and it begins with Siggy introducing the weekend with her Partner.  I find it funny that this is a women’s weekend about knowing your worth and one of the organizers is a divorce attorney. Does anyone else see the irony in this?

As Siggy is introducing the weekend. She talks about being your authentic self and uses her own personal story.  She does in fact, bring up Margaret but not in order to throw her under the bus like she did with Melissa but explains where her hurt comes from.

Growing up, she moved around so much and she has a very unique name and because of that, she was teased about her name for years.   Can I say this without being mean?  Yea… and?

Kids get picked on!!!! We all were picked on. I do not know one person that didn’t have some sort of struggle from growing up. I get why she was hurt by Margaret’s attempt at a joke but how she reacted and kept reacting makes me roll my eyes. This is reminiscent of LeeAnne Locken and her carnie excuses.

There were other women there and they were asking questions etc but the build up was around her issue with Margaret so the rest were non starters.  We leave the introduction and the ladies are escorted into the hallways where there is schwag for sale, a stylist and make up artists for consultations and even a plastic surgeon on hand to give advice.  So while Siggy pumps you up talking about your authentic self, you then are escorted outside to work on all things appearance wise?  Um.  ok? Why do I think that this weekend isn’t as much about building her empire as it is a money grab?  Those people pay money to be part of this weekend and both Siggy and her partner get a cut of that revenue plus the money from the attendance and merchandise sales.

While looking through the merchandise, we see a T Shirt that says: Soggy Flicker Heart & Soul.  Yea, for someone that is so hurt, you managed to find a way to cash in on it.

We get a chance for Teresa and Danielle to talk about her meeting with Dolores.  The seed is planted for confrontation. Danielle points out that Teresa is choosing Dolores’s side because of loyalty not because she believes her.  Teresa does drop that Dolores suggest Danielle is on drugs.  Nicely done pot stirrer.

Now that the day is over, we retreat to the rooms and we find out that Margaret, Dolores and Siggy are in one master suite.  Danielle, Teresa and Melissa are in another.

So naturally we are cutting between the two conversations.  Margaret is flattered that Siggy invited her into her room.  The other ladies are, like me, questioning why there was a plastic surgeon and a photographer there after being pumped up about being true to yourself.

We get ready for dinner and head down.  We have all of the ladies at the table plus Siggy’s partner. Siggy wants feedback from the day. Teresa had a good point.  Siggy mentions that is going to be called the love and marriage tour but Teresa points out that there will be a lot of single women that will want to attend.  So Siggy will rethink. After the brief feedback, Danielle brings up Dolores’s accusation.

Danielle denies being on medication. None of the ladies think that it was ok to accuse Danielle of being on meds.  Dolores defends her comment, at least to us, that she believes Danielle is crazy and therefore her comments is valid.  Danielle says she brought it up to Teresa as she was confused by Dolores’s comment.  Dolores rightly points out that Danielle should have asked her.

Siggy ironically thinks this is getting out of hand and the dinner ends with the promise of being able to hash all of their issues out in the morning through their workshops.

So the next day the ladies congregate so they can do some workshopping. Before we head down, the ladies are in their respective rooms talking about the night before.  When Margaret points out that it wasn’t too good that Dolores said Danielle was on Drugs, Dolores shrugs her shoulders and said “It’s done, wtf are you gonna do about it?”  This is what I mean. Dolores will cut a bitch and leave her to bleed to death.

So the ladies meet outside for the first activity. What is funny is that the day before there were a dozen or so of other ladies, this morning is only the housewife crew.  We find out that in a nutshell this is a trust circle.  Siggy’s partner noticed there were some prevalent issues from the night before and she wants to go around the circle and work through them.

Hi manufactured drama, nice to meet you.

Anyways, she pulls up Margaret and Siggy to start and she wants them to do some role reversal.  First of all Margaret is wearing a very weird non sweater.  It is basically a top for only her arms as it stops at her chest. Second, we end the show on a cliff hanger.  We end the show with Margaret acting out Siggy’s reaction to the cake debacle and she takes it way too far.  Melissa and Teresa are dying laughing but Dolores is shocked to no end.  Siggy stood there with a steely gaze wishing Dolores would jump in and off Margaret but we won’t know that for sure til next week!

See you then.



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