Real Housewives of New Jersey: Walking on Broken Glass

Can we be honest what this episode really is? This is an episode that sets up the rest of the season.  Magically, we found a ‘reason’ to fly off to Milan.

Let’s not forget that the whole reason we went to Iceland, was for Nobleman Magazine but not once did I see Lydia pull out a pen, notebook, ipad or laptop to take one note.  She did drink but then again, so did I. So I’ll call it even.  So later in the show we find out they are all going to Milan so I’m pretty much expecting the same level of work ethic.

We are back after the Thanksgiving Hiatus, where we last left the Jersey Ladies:  Role playing in a fire pit.

The build up from last week was that Siggy was going to lose it on Margaret. Whoever is producing this episode is must be also working Atlanta because both shows create a build up before the end of the episode only to have an anti climatic start the following week.  Case in point,  Siggy took what Margaret said, explained how she felt and then they hugged.  I don’t know how I’m going to pick sides when the ladies are being mature.  HOWEVER!  I want to note one thing.  Up to this point, both Margaret & Siggy have been brutal to one another on Twitter.  If this truce held up, they would have been silent.  So either, the truce was fake OR something else has happened before the end of the season.

Melissa managed to find some camera time role playing Siggy’s nailed to the cross moment. After which, Danielle asked for her turn.  Of course, everyone thought she would ask Dolores to hash out their issues.  Instead, she threw a curve ball and asked Teresa to come to the centre (sorry, I’m Canadian, this is how we spell things and that is probably my third apology of the day).  She wanted to express to Teresa how many years ago, calling her a Prostitution Whore in front of her children wasn’t really the best.

No. Shit.


Honestly, I’m not sure what to think of Danielle.  From what I see on TV, she very much reminds me of a girl I knew in high school.  If I apply what I know about my old friend onto Danielle, I would assume she is a fragile girl that she is someone that was never truly shown what good choices are and doesn’t know how to be strong in character.  That is the empathetic side of me. The other side of me, rolls my eyes and wonders why Teresa is laying with dogs.  This is the ultimate question of the season.  While some of these ladies may find Danielle charming, they are mainly turned off by her life choices and would rather her just be a person they say hi to at parties.

None the less, she had her babies at that dinner and she was gravely insulted in front of them.

I can see this being a real issue.  Just a few years back, the Canucks faced the Bruins in the Stanley Cup final. For those that don’t know, I’m talking about hockey and for those that still don’t know, I’m talking about Vancouver facing Boston in the final.  So that very year, I was in Vegas and heading to the pool at my hotel.  The person in front of me and myself realized we are from rival cities.   The banter began and before I could really tell this Bruins fan what I thought of their delightful city, my friend pointed out that her children were with her and I had to shut my mouth.  For some of us, there are boundaries.

So Teresa agreed to apologize to Danielle’s children.  So some of us are finding this a sweet moment but Dolores other people are questioning Danielle’s motives.  If I am basing my assumption about Danielle on what my high school friend is like,  I will say she is a little from column A and a little from column B.  I think she was very sincere in asking Teresa to make this specific moment right but then she will then dilute this sincerity with a bunch of BS.  She is a bit like Kelly. However, Kelly just hurls insults where as Danielle is coniving and tries to break up friendships.

I know this purely from what my red wine is telling me but it sounded insightful so I’m giving myself a pat on the back.

We are privy to some filler time of Joe taking Milania.  She seems to be the only child that is scarred from her parents rotating stint in jail so Joe took her out to race cars & eat some junk food.  Let’s be honest here, Milania may steal the spotlight from everyone on the show but she appears to also be an old soul.  I  wish would stop exploiting her pain for this show.

We go to dinner in Siggy’s room and dig even deeper from that morning’s exercise.  They were asked to each share something that perhaps the other ladies may not know.  Margaret shares the shame she feels about her former step children, Teresa alludes to the fact that she may harbor a little resentment towards Juicy and Dolores promotes a charity… seriously.  I blame editing for this awkwardness.

So guess what?  After the retreat is said & done, we get to see everyone at this charity event for animals.  While noble, isn’t quite the soul bearing admission we were looking for.

HOWEVER, before we get a chance to see the charity event, we get to see Teresa pays a little visit to Siggy.  Siggy was concerned by some of Teresa’s comments during the retreat and that Teresa has not gone to see Juicy in quite some time.  While Siggy wants to be the ultimate caring friend we all wish we had, I highly doubt she wanted to snoop through Teresa’s marriage. I believe this scene was purely a set up to foreshadow some of Kim G’s rumors.

So after a quick coffee we move on to a happier event: PUPPIES!  As mentioned, all of the ladies get together with their dogs & puppies so we can gossip about last weekend’s retreat for charity.  Danielle, who brought back to stir shit, does just that.  She thinks that Margaret and Siggy made up rather fast and found the truce all too convenient.

I take a big sigh here.  I CAN see what Danielle is saying.  She is right. It is convenient. Except, Danielle isn’t privy to all the times that Margaret and Siggy had tried to mend their fences so I’m going to lean toward the sincere.  I think Siggy chose Margaret as an example only because she HAD made up rather then someone she was hopefully to get along with.

Fact is, at some point, we all want to stop fighting. Thankfully the dog show was quick and now we are with Margaret & Melissa at Margaret’s showroom.

So here is why I think this show is a set up episode.    Margaret takes Melissa out to show her all that Margaret has accomplished in the fashion industry the last 20 years and wants to provide Melissa with some mentoring for her store.  Melissa confesses that she wants her boutique to stand out and Margaret advises her to go to Europe to find items that no one else would carry. Conveniently, Margaret is producing her shoe line in Milan and invited Melissa to join her.  So of course, they want to invite the rest of the ladies along.

I want to interrupt this recap to point out that I think Melissa is about as useful as Danielle.  She is here purely to push the plot along and I am not invested in her story. I’m sure she is lovely but her time may be one on this show.

We are at POSH watching Siggy & Dolores try on clothes for the upcoming fashion show. Kim is very excited but wouldn’t know it because on the amount of Botox she has in her eyebrows. Siggy & Dolores reveal that both Teresa and Melissa do not want to attend the show.  This either signals to Kim or infuriates her (again, you can’t see a facial expression on this woman), to gossip and she reveals that the latest thing she has heard is that Teresa is rekindling old flames.


So we end the episode with all of the ladies at a group dinner.

Yes, the ladies get together for 2 purposes.

1: Invite all of the ladies to Italy.

2: Tell Teresa about the latest rumor and therefore, prompting all of the ladies to attend the fashion show.

Siggy & Dolores think they are being good friends sharing this info… sure?  Being a good friend is defending them but what is the point of propagating dirt?

What they are, if anything, are good cast members because we then get ghetto Teresa.  She full on loses her mind, throws a glass and is ready to cut a bitch.  This all happens in a restaurant where no one turned their heads.  Seems a fired up woman in Jersey isn’t really a reason to send back your steak. (or as someone on Twitter pointed out, the rest of the patrons are extras).

Teresa is fired up because she is wondering the loyalty of Siggy & Dolores.  She doesn’t know why they would be involved with a woman who spreads such rumors.  Let’s not forget this is the very same woman that came between Teresa and Melissa by suggesting that Melissa was a stripper.

Somehow, years later, Kim G is on the wrong side of  Teresa  and is back purely because production needed to stir the pot. So after Siggy and Dolores storm out of the restaurant (and by that I mean Siggy leaves and Dolores follows), the rest of the ladies have decided to bond together and attend the fashion show for a shakedown.  I have never seen Danielle so happy. She literally lives for this shit.  It’s been years since she grabbed a weave and is ready to rumble.

So before we get on a plane we have to walk a runway so til then, I will be on Twitter and I look forward to hearing from you!!


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