Real Housewives of OC: The fight to end all fights.

Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in!

I was so completely done with the OC and then last week happened and I can’t believe I was putting off watching last week when it was probably the best episode of the season And I say that with reservation mainly because what makes it such a great episode was the low base behavior or which we abhore.
Like I said last week, I was dragging my heals to watch the OC, and then I turned on my twitter and noticed it was blowing up!  I had totally forgotten the previews that showed a raging fight between Emily & Kelly so after I poured myself a glass of wine & settled in, I pretty much hit the fast forward button to get to the party.  I didn’t really stop when Shannon and Kelly met for a drink and I barely stopped when Vicky ate dinner with Gina and her kids (side bar: Gina is a saint.  )No, II zoomed straight to the start of Eddie’s birthday party.  I am happy that we didn’t spend any time on Tamra and Eddie but rather the shit show that be Kelly.
Here is the thing. I can’t decide if I like Kelly or not.  I mean, I think she would be a hoot to hang out with and she would probably crack me up all night but I would be so nervous that I would piss her off and have her scream at me too.  Then she’d start calling me a cunt and I would start calling her a cunt and it would be a scene.  I don’t exactly have the kind of temperment that lets things roll off my back
Shannon has decided that she has sprained her ankle and felt she too needed a wheelie.  If that is not a scream for attention, I don’t know what is.
Kelly and her arrived roughly at the same time at the party.  As they were arriving, Emily met them & introduced Shannon and Kelly to her husband.  This is important to know for later.
So blah blah blah. There is a party.  Everyone is wearing red.  Eddie is in his suit.  Tamra looks fantastic and Vicky brought Steve along to the party.  So in one corner we have Kelly and Shannon and in the other, we have Steve and Shane.  Yes, weird pairing but the two men don’t really know anyone else at the party so have managed to find one another and are getting along seemingly well.
Kelly gets an eyeful of Steve and decides this is the night she wants to confront him.  You see, he apparently said something to page 6 in regards to Kelly.  She says this is what really bothers her but let’s be honest, what bothers her is that Steve has set kelly’s ex up with someone and is….. Happy.   God forbid.
Shannon coaches Kelly on how to approach Steve. She urges Kelly to keep her calm and to try not being confrontational and pretty much verbatim, Kelly repeats what Shannon suggested.  However, Steve had no time for Kelly and pretty much ignored her and buggered off.  Kelly was trying to explain that what he said to page 6 hurt her feelings.  However, she kept saying what he said on social media hurt her.  Steve, looked blankly at her and replied that he is not on social media which I believe.  Steve just isn’t that guy.  He really doesn’t care all that much about gossip or drama and sure as hell doesn’t follow it on Social Media.  I think someone asked his opinion and he literally gave it without thinking about where his answers would be published.  However, he is dating Vicky so he should have some idea of the drama.
Regardless, Kelly was left standing with her mouth gaping open in front of Shane who then decides to interject and ask Kelly if it is not a bit deal, why is she making it one?
I think Kelly’s head spun around 3 times before her eyes focused on Shane.  She answers him and he suggests that perhaps it is the alcohol talking and this only fuels Kelly’s anger because she and Shannon let him know that she hasn’t had anything to drink that night and then Shane said:
So this is how you normally are?
Boom.  Thank you Shane.
Needless to say, Kelly is now storming off screaming that he si a dork and a little bitch.  She is asking anyone who will listen to her ‘who the little bitch’ was when finally Emily steps up.  Emily is curious as to who Kelly is referring to and Kelly just doubles down.  Emily is stunned and explained that the little bitch was her husband.  Kelly’s defense is that she had no idea and if she did,she would not have said that.
As I mentioned earlier, Kelly was introduced.  I personally do not believe she was sober.  Anyways, the yelling continued as Emily is deeply offended and was in Kelly’s face.  Kelly keeps hurling insults and challenges Emily to hit her when Emily threatened to kill Kelly.
I’d be shocked but this wasn’t the first time someone has threatened Kelly. If we can all recall Ireland and Tamra losing her shit when Kelly brought up her children.
Kelly is a monster. A MONSTER!
No one was all that surprised that Kelly pissed off Emily.  The fight cooled down. Emily went upstairs with Vicky and Shane followed.  He doesn’t seem all that fussed by the fight and when Emily asked what he would do in a reverse situation, he replied that he would just take Emily away.  Yea, Shane may be a bit of a little bitch.
Anyways, everyone goes home and we spend the rest of the episode going over what happened at the party.  Emily visits with Tamra and Vicky. Emily had a one on one with Kelly and there was a ladies dinner with Tamra, Shanon, Gina and Emily.    I was happy that the follow up episode had barely any Tamra in it.
The first meeting between Emily, Tamra and Vicky gave support to Emily about waht happened and Vicky shed some light as to where Kelly’s anger is coming from.  They urged her to talk to Kelly and were confident Kelly would have remorse.  The one on one meeting showed they were right.  Kelly was sort of remorseful however, Emily did all the talking and made it easy for Kelly.  Kelly felt sure that being threatened entitled her to call Shane whatever she wanted but let’s be honest here, Kelly doesn’t know when to shut up. Kelly thinks that Shane just shouldn’t have said anything at all but she did invite herself over to the table he was standing at.  kelly needs to calm the down.
The last group event was a dinner where Gina revealed she is getting a divorce.  Yes, we also learned that this episode.  Gina has been having some one on one’s with Emily and so we saw this coming for weeks now.  Even though I knew this was coming, I was tearing up when she was talking with her mother.  It is not very often we see genuine emotion from the ladies so her real tears pulled the strings of my heart.  She was a bit fearful to tell her mother what was going on as she was afraid she disappointed her parents.  She was also very nervous telling the ladies the status of her relationship when Tamra snapped “Out with it already”.
I’m pretty sure Tamra thought Gina was going to say something else as all of the ladies were stunned.  Gina mentioned that she doesn’t want to tell Vicky as Vicky urged her to work on her marriage.  This prompted everyone to chime in on Vicky’s relationship.  Tamra doesn’t believe that Vicky loves Steve and she urges people to work on their marriage because that was the last time she was happy.

I don’t agree with that.  Vicky was giddy for Brooks. He had something over her.  He caused too much too much drama in her life but she had blinders on for him.  He made her unbalanced but if he had worked out, Vicky would have been happy in that situation.

They moved off the topic of Vicky and onto the fight.  Shannon explained what she was coaching Kelly with and Gina wondered why Shannon didn’t just shut Kelly down.  Clearly she doesn’t know Kelly.  Shannon wonders why Gina is so judgemental and Gina points out that she isn’t judging but rather, she has a different point of view and that’s when I saw it.

Shannon hates when anyone disagrees with her. Tamra has mentioned this before but she was in the midst of an argument with Shannon at the time.

So Kelly and Emily made up as fast as they blew up.  VIcky had a surprise birthday party which I couldn’t be bothered to discuss and Gina’s marriage crumbled.  I think I’m back in.  I look forward to next week when Kelly pays a visit to Shane.

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