Real Housewives of Orange County: Breakdown in Beverly Hills

I feel like starting this post off with a greeting so Hello. How are you?  Yes, it has been well over a year since I have been blogging about the housewives. Sometimes much to my chagrin mainly because there have been so many outrageous moments.  Puppygate peppers my mind.  However, it seems appropriate that I re enter the blogging sphere after last night’s RHOC. I have only this to say.  What in the Holy Hell was that?

I had considered writing an open letter to Bravo but I’m way to passive aggressive for that so I decided that this is the best time to dive back into the blogging pool. My only regret is that I have missed most of Potomac’s season but Dallas starts next week so it all comes out in the wash.

In a nutshell Bravo is circling the drain. Between RHOBH’s last season fuckery & this rumour train, they either think we are dumb, love smut or have absolutely no regard for the people they are exploiting.  It’s sad & gross.

Do I really need to say it?  I guess so.  Let’s just recap the show & then we can all move on.

We picked up where we left off last week & that is at dinner.  Everyone minus Emily & Kelly were there.  Vicky (demoted to a friend and apparently I’m the only that likes this) was ranting again about how here feelings were hurt by Kelly.  Considering the woman is on a reality show, she is very thin skinned.  However, let’s not forget that Kelly sent her a pig emoji hurling insults at her. Yes, that was atrocious and it’s true that I’m not the biggest Kelly fan however, during the dinner Vicky alludes to knowing more about Kelly then she let on at the reunion.  Tamra blurts out: Is it the train story? and we were left on a cliffhanger.  We all had a week to google what it could be & even though Urban dictionary let us in on the definition of a Train, I don’t think any of us really believed that Kelly was railed by numerous men.

Well, think again.  Nope, they all ‘secretly’ talked in the car. You know, while mic’d, how they will not discuss Kelly’s vibrant sexual life.

Let’s unpack this, shall we?

1:  Vicky is a known liar and she has no boundaries about what she will lie about.  Even Brianna years ago laughed about how her mother, when infuriated, will go for the jugular.  She doesn’t hold back

2: Tamra & Shannon.  Well, Tamra is a monster. I used to be a Tamra apologizer but no longer. If she really had any moral ground, she wouldn’t have mentioned it at all in the first place. However, everything about this scene smells of a set up. So you can bet your bottom dollar that they previously discussed this situation and put it out in the universe.  As for Shannon. Ugh.. the girl will go along with anything that deflects from her disaster of a life.

The fact that Gina is in on the lie smacks of deflection to me. The girl is a walking disaster & is better situated for the Jersey Shore not Orange County.  I can see why she would rather spend the time trashing another cast mate then letting her own life be broadcast however, it’s too late Gina, we know all the dirty details of your sordid life.

The ONLY one that had any morals was the new girl Braunwyn mainly because she is new.  Secondly, she is the only one that actually let Kelly know this is being discussed about her.

Can we stop and talk about Braunwyn for a minute? From the moment she started the show, I liked her. She, in my opinion, is a stereotypical OC wife and that’s the point of the show isn’t it?  There is something about her that reminds me of Lori. It could be just the hair because I found Lori incredibly annoying but I am enjoying watching her on the show.

Anyways, yes, Braunwyn phoned Kelly and gave her the heads up.  When the two of them got together with Gina, Gina expressed her concern of Kelly finding out.  Yes, Gina, Kelly is appropriately horrified by this news.

Aside from the horror of this rumour, we are playing witness to the demise of Emily’s marriage.  The only thing that will save this marriage is if she leaves the show. My guess is that Shane hates this show (and probably rightly so).  I can’t decide if he refuses to film on the show or if he is really a douche.  Production raked him over the coals last season.  He dealt with a drunk Gina and was berated by Kelly. Then social media attacked his relationship with Emily (who is no longer on Twitter).

Regardless, she is planning on participating in a vegas show as a surprise for Shane for the 10th Weddding anniversary but surprise! The mormen isn’t really on board with the idea of his wife flaunting her sexuality. Again, I wonder if he would be more into this idea if it was done off camera but let’s face it, Emily needs a story line. So here we are at her rehearsal.  Both Gina and Kelly showed up to watch Emily perform and not only was she really good but she looks fantastic.  She says she will be going to Vegas with our without Shane & unfortunately, it is looking more and more that it will be without.  We learn in a flashback scene with her mother in law that not only has she not seeen Shane in 10 days but hasn’t talked to him in 3.  I just want to give her a hug.

Gina visits her therapist & I fast forwarded this section. Watching her life go down in flames makes me uncomfortable.

However, in effort to be ‘supportive’ Tamra suggests that Shannon reach out to Gina upon learning Matt had an affair.  As Shannon is the expert on being cheated on, she takes this duty seriously and arranges for a day trip to Rodeo Drive for all the ladies in honour of Gina.  You see, Gina, in the 3 years living on the west coast, has not been to Rodeo Drive.

So production Shannon arranged a bus, loaded up the ladies (minus Vicky as she is a friend working) and drove up to Beverly Hills.  You can tell Gina is very excited to be receiving positive attention from Shannon. Someone who is not loving it is Emily.  Gina was her buddy and now that Gina is deflecting to the dark side, she is feeling more and more alone in this group.  Can we remind everyone that the reason she was introduced was because she was friends with Tamra? Yes, the same girl that is currently shitting on Emily for being so closed off.

We learned that Braunwyn is the product of a rock group & she basically grew up in the back room of Whisky a Go Go.  For some reason this tracks. She admits it wasn’t the most child friendly but I’m starting to want to read her life story more & more.

They gave us a montage of Beverly Hills and there was a quick shot of Villa Blanca. Apparently, not all of Bravo hates LVP.

The ladies pour out of the bus & enter a store.  It is decided to give Gina a make over & the ladies each pick out of a piece of clothing and dress her in an outfit that looked exactly like what she was wearing. The outfit came to $800.  Someone pointed that these ladies probably still couldn’t afford to shop in these stores. I doubt that Gina could but fear not!  Shannon has paid for Gina’s brand new outfit. Not before we learn (and by learn Shannon screams at us) that Shannon has dwindled herself down to one spanx.  Yes, the year before, Shannon was wearing 3 spanx in the hotub in Mexico (can’t say I wouldn’t if I had to appear on camera) but when she tried on a pair of jeans, we could see the spanx line underneath.

This was all that Emily could handle.  Gina being sweet, escorted her outside to talk.  Emily divulges that she is feeling lost in every part of her life.  She is feeling her marriage fall apart. She feels like a terrible mother, feels like she isn’t being an effective lawyer and now the ladies are freezing her out.  The only one with any compassion is Gina.  Seeing this discussion outside, the rest of the group stay huddled by the cashier only assuming what Emily & Gina are talking about.  Shannon is annoyed her day is being derailed by a crying Emily which is the most ironic statement she has ever made.  This may be the only time I wished Lydia was still on the show so I could see her head pop off in anger.  Anyways, Tamra and Shannon are fully offended that Emily mean tweeted at Shannon AFTER Shannon speculated Emily will be cut from the show.

Yes, it was Jeff Lewis that said this and not Shannon but if you have been a fan of OC and/or Flipping Out, then you will know Shannon and Jeff are besties so he gained his info from somewhere is all I’m saying. Shannon is so transparent.

After a quick shop by only one member, the ladies head for lunch where everything is about to blow up.   Tamra justifies her shitty behaviour towards Emily by stating Emily doesn’t open up. News Flash, just because she doesn’t open up to you Tamra, doesn’t mean she doesn’t open up. Emily tries to apologize to Shannon.  However, Shannon is on a confidence train and SHITS on the apology.  She has a weak excuse as to why Jeff broadcast the ‘hearsay’ but Shannon has none of it. She feels that Emily should have come to her sooner and hasn’t supported all of her accomplishments.  Shannon brushed it off, demand they cheers so she can drink.

whatever.  Shannon is annoying. I want her gone.

Here is why I love Emily.  She brings up the dinner she missed out on & what was said. Not only that, she asked “who brought up the Train story?”

Thank you Emily. Except, she brought this up right when Emily was receiving a call from Jolie.  Kelly stated that she doesn’t care, tells everyone to F off and gives them the finger as she walks away.  I personally can’t believe it took her this long to blow up.  That’s real progress on Kelly’s front.

While she is gone, Tamra wonders how does Kelly know? Braunwyn confesses she told her & why. Naturally Tamra is annoyed.  A new girl betrayed her and is suggesting it is Vicky that will be the one that is mad.

Here’s an idea: don’t spread this rumour in the first place.

Tamra went to find Kelly to talk about what just happened.  Tamra told Kelly to slow her roll & not tell them all to Fuck off.  (I’m still on Kelly’s side).  To further throw Emily under the bus. Tamra suggests that Emily has no business discussing this.  Back at the table Emily explains that when she was with Vicky earlier in the evening, Vicky was wishing that her and Kelly would just get along so Emily didn’t understand how Vicky left her in a peaceful frame of mind but the dinner ended in an explosive rumour.

Shannon doesn’t want to get implicated in the rumour so she excuses herself to fake console Kelly.  Tamra tries to cover her ass by telling Kelly she too wanted to tell her the rumour which Kelly asks “then why didn’t you?”  Kelly doesn’t believe the BS from Shannon and Tamra and is questioning her friendships.  (she should)

Kelly insists she isn’t going to address the rumours & will just shut the whole thing down. Back at the table she questions Emily’s involvement.  Emily defends herself.  Gina cries that it is supposed to be her day (it’s not your birthday) and Kelly flips out on her. In the confessional she reviews what a colossal mess Gina is & that she shouldn’t be doling out advice to anyone.

Braunwyn is left cowering under a napkin.

Next week we see Shannon act ridiculous, the ladies do a bus tour & confront Braunwyn and we learn that there is a warrant out for Gina’s arrest.

Til then…..

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