Real Housewives of Orange County: Rumors

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: David is the worst.  Vicky is probably 2nd but David is vile.

This week focused a lot of attention onto Shannon as she is going through her divorce proceedings.  As much as I can imagine Shannon despises David, my biggest issue with Shannon is how much dirty laundry she airs on national television.  I can’t fathom what her daughters are thinking or feeling about everything.

So as mentioned, this is a very Shannon focused episode and we start the show with her.  The food line is moving forward and she is getting her make-up done for a photo shoot.  This photo will appear on all of the boxes that she sends out to her customers. So as she says it: It better be good!  I have noticed that sad Shannon is gone and has made way for loud Shannon.  The harder she tries to be funny, the louder she becomes.

Anyways, I thought her first outfit was the best one.  She was wearing an indigo blouse that contrasted beautifully with her white kitchen and blonde hair.  It was a wasp’s wet dream but really, even Shannon’s teeth popped off the TV.  I hope she uses one of those photos.

She thought she would invite some of the girls over for the tail end of the shoot so they can see her in action and have lunch.  Vicky didn’t attend as she was meeting with her partners and embarrassing herself but we will come back to that.  In attendance were Tamra, Kelly, and Emily.  Gina wasn’t there which allowed them to gossip about her behaviour the night before.

Emily dishes that Gina was a little drunk and loud on her way out so Shane screamed at her to get the F out.

Um.  Ok.

So many things here.  This was unfortunately not caught on camera.  One thing about this is just the fact Shane screamed at one of his wife’s friends and a friend he has not met at that.  The other is that Emily was hosting a poker night complete with alcohol, what did they expect?  The third is that in addition to the party, they are filming a show so again, what did they expect?

Is Shane a dick?  I don’t want to think he is but all signs are pointing to douche bag.  Emily stands by her husband.  According to Gina, Emily came out and apologized for Shane but everything on camera shows a strong wife.  The whole thing doesn’t jive with me. Emily’s story is that Gina was gracious and apologetic.  That she even offered to apologize to Shane face to face.  This pleased Emily as the master was pacified.

I have been thinking about this.  If Joe screamed at one of my friends, I would be mortified.  I could see it if he had asked politely several times or the friend was screaming herself but that isn’t the case.  The excuse is that he is Mormon.  Seriously. That is the excuse.

Of course, the ladies from the old crew are eating this up.  They love seeing fresh meat with holes in a relationship.  It gives them time to reflect and project their issues onto another.  Watching them all dissect Emily’s marriage gave me insight as to why so many marriages break up on reality television.  The scrutiny you face can be unbearable.

Tamra believes there is no reason to yell at a woman and in this case, I kind of agree.  It is really weird. Gina wrote a blog about it and stated she wasn’t the last to leave as much as she was the last one to walk out.  They made it sound like Gina just wouldn’t go home.  Course this is reality television and the truth is boring.  Gina admits she can be a bit rowdy but it wasn’t like they were carrying her out either.

Vicky missed all this fresh gossip because she was meeting with her partner, her son and Steve.  They were recording advertisements for Coto Insurance because as we learned last season, they are starting to franchise the business.

As she was making voice recordings, she was not only loving the sound of her own voice (she may literally be the only one), she flubbed a line or two which prompted her partner to pull out some fireball. Not to have him left out, he hands some to Steve.  Can someone explain why Steve was there anyways?  Is he the new Kroy and will just drive Vicky around and hold her wigs?

Anyways, Vicky was convinced she has a sexy voice and mused she could host a late night dating show.  Her advice?  Give a blow job.  Micheal, her son, cowered in the corner.  I think he started counting to 100 in his head as this is not the first time Vicky has mortified him which we see in the form of flashbacks.  He is inheriting the business and is getting exposure from the show, so he puts up with it but we have seen the way he talks to his mother.  It is with pure vitriol.

So at Shannon’s lunch, it was suggested that all of the ladies go for happy hour and this time both Vicky and Gina get to be part of the fun.

Kelly picked up Vicky and after last week’s cry session, they seem to be getting along like old times.  Kelly fills in Vicky on Shane.  They are flabberghasted that Emily supports Shane but they also laugh that she will probably stay married.  They also don’t understand how she, who is not Mormon, could be married to him.  I’m confused myself because his mother was at the party, throwing back shots and cuddling with Kelly in her leather pants.  Seems that Shane isn’t as much Mormon as he just has a stick up his ass.

Gina arrives to pick up Emily and this gives them a chance to go over what happened. Gina is not as bothered about what happened as everyone else.   She just wants to squash things & let it go.  However, she is wondering why Emily is telling the ladies that she needs to apologize.  If anything, Gina believes Shane should say something but in confessional lets us know she was going to let it go so Emily wouldn’t have to be embarrassed about Shane.

Emily looks at Gina straight faced and asked her if she has met Shane (as in, do you think he will ever apologize to you??). and Gina retorts, no that was the first time I met him.

My OC senses are tingling and this is not the last these 2 ladies will be discussing this.  Next week’s preview showed a snippet of an argument so, indeed, they will beat this to death.

Happy hour is on a deck in Huntington Beach.  Vicky & Kelly are the first to arrive and Tamra wheels in third.  I will say that I really like her hair in this episode.   Emily and Gina arrive with Shannon arriving last.

The discussion of happy hour centres on Shannon’s upcoming divorce hearing. She said when she was at the court earlier that week, she looked over at David and felt nothing (huzzah!).  The ladies see this as an opening and suggest that Shannon is ready to date and suggest she meet with a matchmaker that is on her way.  Sure, she has no self-esteem and massive body issues but let’s set her up.

Let’s be honest, they don’t want Shannon to date as much as get laid so perhaps she can relax a little bit.

Shannon is skeeved out and believes she will meet someone on her own but between yelling jokes, wearing spanx into a hot tub and selling on QVC, I don’t think she is putting herself in many opportunities.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  The whole thing was more of an interview rather than a selection process.  I do think that this could be good for Shannon.  I do believe she needs someone who will curate some candidates for her. They seemed to warm up Shannon and she is into dipping her toe in the water.

While Shannon is meeting with the matchmakers, we learn that Kelly is seeing a few men namely a lawyer and a milkman.  Vicky doesn’t understand why Kelly is using nicknames but if they are not serious, why would Kelly reveal on TV who they were?  I held this belief until Kelly meets with the Milk Man for a date on camera.

Anyways, Vicky isn’t feeling so well so excuses herself from happy hour and Emily reveals that she too needs to leave as Shane has been at home with the kids all day.

Of course, the latter statement raised eyebrows.  After finding out Shane yelled at Gina, they are starting to believe that Shane is controlling.   Sorry ladies, it is called being considerate.  They aren’t used to that concept as they are all so self-absorbed.

Now that Emily has left we discuss the poker night with Gina.  She has never thought there was an issue.  She contends that he wasn’t yelling as much at her as he was just tired of the entire evening.  She doesn’t understand why it is still being discussed and hopes they will finally drop it. At this point in time, Gina is Emily’s best friend.

Gina states that she wasn’t doing anything that none of the other ladies was doing.  The group agrees and continue to agree that if Shane had just come down and politely asked for everyone to be quiet, they would have respected that.  Instead, he went off like a sniper.

This, of course, leads them to start speculating on Emily’s marriage.  Shannon throws into the mix that she too would go home early especially if he left work early plus was angry about the kids going to bed on time the other night.  However, she infers that she would do that out of fear.  So this leads to them wondering if Emily’s marriage is any good.  Gina is horrified and cautions Shannon from comparing Shane to her monster of an ex.  Again, Emily should hang on tight to Gina because she is the only one seeing things from Emily’s perspective.

I think what is not being discussed because that would break the 4th wall is that Emily had a call time and Shane had to come home early from work so Emily could film. Fact is, she agreed to what time she would return as Shane to has things to do.  My friend always goes home to be with her husband and kids when he watches them all day.  he works from home and she goes to relieve him from the kiddos. There are 2 and they are under the age of three. IIt is a lot of energy.  Emily has three toddlers.  Why does it have to be anthying more then he could be exhausted?  No, if marriages are not crumbling around them, the old hens are not happy.

So when Tamra and Vicky meet to get their micro blading done, Tamra fills in Vicky all about Emily.  I now feel bad that this unassuming woman is having her marriage being dragged through the mud.

Of course, things don’t end there.  When they are done dissecting Emily, they jump on to Gina’s marriage.  They are seriously worried about Gina’s relationship as we all are.  Gina never sees her husband as he has his own apartment in LA and Gina has no idea where it is let alone, have seen it.

I don’t know if she is putting on a brave face for our benefit or she is actually blissfully unaware.  What I want to know is what finally prompted them to push for a divorce? Do we see it this season?  Is this wahy she came onto the show so that hs ehad some income of her own?

Before we hend the show with Shannon’s court hearing, Kelly meets up with her Milk Man, Frank and I want to impale myself.  He is a very handsome man but he is boring as fck.  Even Kelly looked like she was searching the bar for more alcohol to try and make Frank more exciting.  He informs Kelly that if she would chill out a bit more, she won’t end up alone.  Kelly laughs hysterically as she knows she is hot.  She changes the subject and we are then punished with a 30-second speech which is basically just him listing off different types of Mexican food.

Clearly, Kelly is with him purely for sex. The look on her face when he was forrest gumping his way through mexican food was part boredom and part how did I get here?

We finally arrive at Shannon’s court day.  She is incredibly nervous and has a good reason for it as David has refused to seek representation and because he is not using a lawyer has managed to drag out the proceedings.  If there were 2 lawyers, they would have reached a stettlement and everyone would go home. However, David refuses to give Shannon a penny so now they must stand in front of a judge.

The hearing is to deetermine how much David need to pay Shannon monthly until the final settlement is reached.  We learn that after 3 hours, the judge determed David needs to pay Shannon $30 000 per month.  Feeling guilty becuase of all the years David beat her down, she was conferring with her lawyer to reduce the amount when David came charging around the corner, yelling at her.  He cause such a ruckus that the Bailif was called. He fled the scene before he got arrested but the entire day indced so much rage in David that he was shaking.  This I would like to see mainly becuase on the show, David never raised his voice above a whisper. Every story that Shannon tells us about David just goes to show what a massive asshole he is.  He texts her verbally abusive statments, he is controlling and he cheated on her.  There is a reaon that shannon is as broken as she is. If it were me, I wouldn’t have given in to the little man that he is at all but in the end, she settled on paltry $22 500 per month.

Next week, we learn Vicky’s birthday is fast approaching, the ladies go golfing and Emily and Gina have another confrontation about poker night. Lastly,  Tamra pisses Shanon of and we see her storming away which if you have watched even one show from previous years, know this is Shannon’s M.O.

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