Real Housewives of Orange County: The big let down…

Is it terrible that I had 3 things on the PVR last night and rather then flicking on the OC, I opted to watch Insecure?  I mean, no guilt here as Insecure is a GREAT show but Mondays are OC evenings.  Usually, I can only wait about 15 minutes for the recording before I turn on the show but this show? this season?


Last week, we were pre-empted because of Labour Day and the week before that, I didn’t blog about it (sorry) but what was I to talk about? They went golfing.  First of all, I hate golf.  It is boring.  I’m sorry to those enthusiasts but it bores me.  I can go to the driving range but the actual game takes too long.  After a couple of holes, all I want to do is see where I can take the golf cart 4×4’ing.

However, if you recall where we were.  Emily & Gina were at odds over what happened when Shane yelled at Gina.  Emily has to ‘stand by her man’.  Gina expects an apology.  I think the whole thing is blown up more than it is. I still don’t understand how you invite a group of ladies over for not only filming but a poker night at that on top of which you feed the ladies tequila and expect them to be quiet.  Nonetheless, by the time we hit the links, it seemed things were relatively smoothed over between the ladies.  The first crack in Gina’s marriage is starting to appear as she mentions it is hard.

We end the show with Shannon storming off.  GASP! WHAT!  but that never happens!

Yes, the drama kept going.  If you recall Shannon projected her bad marriage onto Emily’s weird one & it was taken out of context.  The ladies were making assumptions about a man they have never met and it devolved into them claiming Shannon thinks Shane is a jackass.  Essentially it came down to Tamra’s big mouth but she has no remorse and in fact, can’t be bothered with Shannon’s tantrum.

So there you go.

Last week’s break kind of dulled the show for me.  It is kind of an out of sight, out of mind experience so when last night rolled around, I didn’t feel compelled and in fact, almost forgot it aired. (I was working late in case anyone wondered).

The chatter out there is that everyone is wondering if the days of the OC are numbered?  Do you think the show is on its last leg?

I could solve this problem very quickly: Fire Vicky, Tamra & Shannon.

On one hand, this show was the original.  Vicky is an original.  On the other hand, it is old & tired.  I keep thinking that this show needs refreshing in terms of getting rid of any of the old tribe but then I think about New York, Atlanta or Beverly Hills which features original cast members and I’m not over them.  However, the difference between those 3 cities and OC is that they are not trying so hard for the camera.  They are still being relatively themselves.

Please note I did not include Jersey in that grouping because I am not totally sure if I’m still good with that franchise.  Siggy kind of killed the show for me last year and well, Danielle is garbage.  So I will have to reserve comment.

So the question remains, what would the show look like without the Three Amigos?  Would it still have the same lure?  The problem with new cast members is that we need to spend the time getting invested in who is on my screen. However, the other question is, are we done with them?  Personally, if we were to keep only 1 of those 3, I’d keep Shannon as she is so explosive and she is navigating the single life.  I’m over CUT fitness and I frankly do not need to watch another season of Vicky trying to make a man love her in the way she wants to be loved.

So I ask you.  Are you watching the OC because you love the show or are you watching the show because of loyalty?

I will watch the OC sometime this week & will determine if it is something I will continue to Blog.  It may turn into a show that I need to only recap when or if something crazy happens.  Until then… Find me on Twitter!

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