Shahs of Sunset Season 6 Episode 13

This is my first post!! I’m so excited.  I will admit that I have been watching Reality Television for years. I can recall when I first found RHOC and was absolutely transfixed.  Over the years my obsession has grown and find myself googling for more information and listening to podcasts and joining facebook groups so I can discuss these shows in great detail. So of course, the next natural step is to blog about them!  My first passion are the housewife franchises. However, a few years ago, I was blessed with Shahs of Sunset so I am including this in my blogging regime.  This means I am currently covering 4 shows.  Seeing as Autumn has hit Vancouver very hard (read: pouring rain), I’m up for the challenge.

I am currently watching the final episode of the season. Is it me or has this season zipped by as though nothing has happened & keep waiting for the major drama to unfold?  I don’t like how long ago this season was filmed… 10 months!  There was so much drama between Christmas and now that has unfolded (which I of course learned thru google, podcasts & groups).  So the ‘shocking’ engagement of GG to Shalom was almost an after thought.  I am completely fascinated by GG.  Her lifestyle is odd to me mainly because she is wealthy but doesn’t have to work.  After running my own business for over 10 years, this is something I dream of.  I know that I will always need to find things to do to keep myself busy but I’m a very creative type so wouldn’t find it that difficult.

Let’s do a quick recap.

We start the show off with GG visiting Beverly Hills prominent Wedding Planner which I don’t know why as she was never going to plan a massive shin dig.  So this bleep in the show seemed to exist to show off her ring yet another time.  Also I wonder if Kevin Lee has an agreement with Bravo to show up at least once a season on its various shows.  Other then that moment, there was really no purpose whatsoever to that interaction.

We then are asked to suffer through yet another family moment between MJ, her mother, and Tommie as they are driving over to the hospital to see her ailing Father.  I hope he is doing well and she is a good daughter for giving him so much of her time but I would rather not see this unfold on TV. Her relationship with her mother is so difficult and I can’t find another word for it.  I don’t want to say that it is troubled because that would imply it was once strong nor do i wan tto say it is comically awkward because there is just so much pain between the two of them.  MJ keeps hoping that one day their relationship will miraculously be mended and they will be strong.  It would change but I doubt that MJ’s mom thinks there is anything awry with the state of their family.  She made her choices in life, is living with them & wants MJ to respect her for that while MJ wants her mother to respect her.

However, she is with Tommie and from what see on TV goes from one alcohol fueled argument to the next.  Everything about them is so over the top. Their love, their passion, their fights, their plans.  I appreciate Tommie had taken a pause to reflect if they are ready to parent.  It was the first mature move I had witnessed.  However, I do get MJ’s desire to get on with it already.  I have a feeling that next season will be all about the 2 of them making plans for the future rather then just watching MJ seethe in jealousy over the people in her life.

Speaking of someone with Plans, we hop over to witness Reza and MJ perform a play Reza has written.  I don’t doubt that Reza is a successful realtor. Why he is so adamant on becoming a performer, I don’t know. Last year we witnessed him try stand up & this year it is all about the telling of stories.  At least in this instance people found it relatable. Will it have a future, I doubt it but at least he is trying. I guess everyone has to start somewhere.

Did anyone else have a spit take when MJ drops the C List Psychos she attended school with?  When a show first gets on Bravo I usually wonder where they found these people but it sounds like everyone is just under their noses waiting their turn for fame.

Later in the show we are privy to Reza and Adam having talks about their family.  Adam is so sincere in his talks about family however, Reza is still in the process of growing up & degrades him on TV for a laugh.  Not even knowing he insulted Adam, martyrs himself in the interview.  I do understand the feeling of everyone seeing you as the bad guy in the relationship but at some point you need to take ownership of that fact and just BE the better partner.  I do think they will work things out.  I think there is a lot of good we don’t see on camera (why would you televise the time they sit there & cuddle their pet with no issues).

However, at the expense of Adam, we see a few ouchie moments.  Maybe this is why Reza comes off as the villan… Turn up the Cute Reza, turn down the suck.

I have forgotten to mention Reza visited Asa .. or rather I didn’t mention it on purpose.  I just simply don’t care.  She’s pregnant & happy, no one understands that because they are all so dysfunctional and I can’t follow that as a story line.  She is right though, she has outgrown them and this show.

So we end the show as we end all shows, a get together.  I find the show has a formula. We spend the episodes seeing what everyone is doing in their daily life and the last act is everyone gathered for a party, wedding, dinner etc..  It gives them a reason to showcase how much money they have and how tacky they can dress..  ahem MJ.

I want to take a moment & state that I want to love MJ.  I started off the show in the beginning being her biggest advocate but over the years she has changed and is a side of her I don’t really love.  This season she appeared the most bloated she has ever been and I don’t know if that is from fertility treatments, prescription drugs, too much drinking or too much other types of drugs but she doesn’t look healthy.  She is someone they all coo over when she wears ill fitting attire.  Yes, she has big boobs but she has big everything. (hair, lips, personality, booty.. ).

So we are taken to the winter ball where GG is running around showing off her ring much to Reza’s disgust. Jealousy ages you Reza so keep it down.  THEN Mike’s mom shows up to the chagrin of GG for no logical reason.  His mother doesn’t want Mike and her to reconcile.  I get that.  You watch your son marry and implode and you are trying to save him from himself.  He flits from one business venture to the next with no direction and now he is dabbling with his ex wife which is bound to end badly.  Mike just seems to wander through life trying different things here & there thinking that he will be a massive success over night. It wouldn’t surprise me if he thinks that marriage means tying down your wife and you can do whatever you want whenever you want without consequence.  Mike would make a great old white politician however, as he reminds us in every interview he is persian.

I’m white and you are right Mike, I hate buffet.  ONLY because I have a thing against bulk soups & sauces. For some reason when food is made on a large scale & in heaters, it turns my stomach.  I believe the food was amazing but as soon as I see multiple people picking from the same pan, I want to hurl.

Anyways, we end the season highlighting GG’s wedding and then impending separation.  As we know, she is working things out.  (btw, GG hasn’t anyone ever told you relationships shouldn’t be this much work? at least the ones that succeed?).  I’ve seen highlights from the reunion and one blasted question at Asa is ‘why are you on the show?’  While she doesn’t let anyone really focus on her personal life, she has given so much to the cameras.  I get why she was there, why anyone does reality tv.. promoting selfdemond too angry on camera that we haven’t seen since the likes of the Jersey Shore. Thing is in a few of these moments of arguments, I wonder what other influences are a play because the level of intensity is just so rampant that it seems impossible to be only alcohol fueled.  This is literally only an observational question which i could be deeply incorrect about.

Anyways… I need to stop here. I could go on and on dissecting every member as I do have opinions.  GG, Mike, Reza, MJ and Shervin. I have never understood if they brought on another member or not but seeing as I can’t even recall her name, I will say no.  Also, Shervin needs to be demoted to friend of cast because he is offering nothing to the plot of the show other then he too is a dog.

Til next week when we have to listen to the reunion.  I will try & recap the reunion but they usually prove to be not too eventful.



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