Shahs of Sunset – Season 6, Reunion.. Part 1

I stand by my original words. I hate reunion shows.  I mean.. ugh, we already had to watch these arguments once & now we are asking the cast to explain themselves because usually they were drunk the first time round.  Nothing is usually covered & we are all left feeling a little worse for wear.  (there are exceptions of course: RHOBH’s Bunnygate and RHOA’s hair pulling but I think these are top tier reality shows to begin with so the reunion adds to their seasons rather then take away.

With that said, let’s recap the show… I’m not recapping chronologically as I would rather comment ON the cast members then what has happened one by one.

We start off with everyone talking about Isreal & asking them to clarify their aggressive and insulting comments.  I didn’t care then, & I don’t care now. I’m sorry but we are literally picking apart sentences and dissecting every meaning of every moment.  I just can’t.  I tuned out.

Moving on.. Reza lost weight & a moustache.  I can’t decide if I like him without his facial hair.  I mean, I doubt I would be able to be with a man with such heavily laden fur but seeing him now he looks naked!  Magnum wasn’t Magnum without his moustache and neither is Reza.

We pick apart Shervin and whether he is cheating or not cheating.  I get that MJ may have wanted to let his lady know he isn’t on the up & up if she was planning on moving across the globe for them but they seem to have an agreement which sounds fair… I mean, she lives in Australia. They don’t see one another very often so it is what it is.. Here is what I think is Jenky.  When he was first approached about it in the season.  He fronted like he was the best boyfriend & he wanted her to move. Now that he was caught and has had time, they are apparently the most open minded couple in town.  Why didn’t they just say this in the beginning? Either they (and I mean he convinced her to think this way) changed their tune over time or the seriousness of their relationship was faked for the show.

There was some stuff with Mike & whether he slept with Jessica.  If it didn’t happen on camera, I’m not invested.

We learn that MJ, Tommy & Vida are now a happy family.  Vida and Tommy have a great relationship and in fact Vida wants MJ to marry Tommy.  She loves his cooking & they walk their dogs together… I’m not Jewish but Mazel.  I’m happy that for the first time MJ is in a high functioning scenario with her family and am happy that Tommy was able to bridge this gap for her.  What they did ask however, is whom Vida thinks is most improved & who has changed for the worst.

With that being said, it brings me to Asa……… sigh.

For someone who is so spiritual, she has a lot of anger today.  Vida has stated that she has changed for the worst. (She said Mike is most improved… I may agree). Asa came fired up wanting to discuss the group’s reaction to her baby.  She is defensive that MJ called her baby a bastard, she is upset we are asking if she used IVF, she is pissed that people were not fully understanding what she was going through.

I want to give a little credit to her hormones during the season.  She was growing a human after all, but now she is bitter and I don’t like bitter on her. First of all… technically yes, Asa, your baby is a bastard. (I said technically).  I am a woman who lives common law with a man & we are trying for a family so I’m not judging but I’m not freaking out because someone else thinks I should live my life a different way.  As soon as I open my mouth to anyone, about my fertility, I am met with 8 million opinions and ones that usually oppose my own.  She should be used to this. People are assholes, lets be honest & we love to speak our minds & don’t think about the other person and this is all done under the guise of good intentions. The thing is, you have played off your entire run on the show as living independently from Jermaine Jr. so starting a family didn’t flow and a lot of questions are coming out..

What gets me is that before a commercial, we see her say “My personal life is no one’s business”*…

Fair.. you may be right.


If you are dating a man from one of the most famous families in the world, and Janet Jackson is you aunt.  We want to know. They know we want to know.  You are right that you can’t hide a pregnancy but then don’t be on the show if you want every detail about this to stay private.  The reason Vida said you changed for the worst is because you leveraged the show into a lifestyle & brand.  Without the show, you would have had nothing, no art shows, no music career & no kaftans not to mention the paycheck that comes with.  You need the show & that is why you didn’t leave this season. However, you don’t want to play along & that is making it awkward for everyone else who pretty much have left everything on the table. I believe GG asks ‘why are you on this show’ next week & of all of the reunion topics, this is the one I want to know the answer to.  Why are you on the show?  Your life partner doesn’t to be filmed (although LaToya will?), and until now, you haven’t even so much breathed his name. We can all figure out who invested in Diamond Water (where is that btw) so either open up more or it is time for you to move on.  Shahs are not about you finding your spiritual side. We are about middle aged adults acting like adolescents.  We have no room for culture, spirituality or political talks.  I think it may be time to step down as a friend of cast.  I do like Asa.  I like what she tried to bring to the show. Without her it would the shahs of the jersey shore.  However, I said what I said because I do not see where else her story could go. I think she should go off & be blissful raising her baby and meditating.

*I forgot to mention, they all hounded her about IVF & freezing her eggs. This is what prompted her privacy comment.  IVF is not a private thing anymore. It isn’t shameful.  The older you get, the harder it is to become pregnant. I do not understand why she was shady about this & still becomes shamed when asked.  As someone who has explored IVF, I don’t get it.  It just is what it is when you are older trying to conceive.  She said herself she froze her eggs for back up.  We all want to get pregnant easily and have a birth where we are crying tears of happiness rather then pain as our child seamlessly slides out into a pool of water at home.   Except reality (and I mean yours and my reality), says that NEVER happens literally anywhere ever.  So get over it. Talk about your issues.  This is something I could get behind myself. This is a struggle I want to & can relate to.

I will watch next week but I doubt I will recap as the only thing I want to hear is why Asa is on the show.  So til next year!!!



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